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  1. Maybe we are connected in the neurological sensation way. I have metal plates in my orbital bones after getting my ass kicked in Australia while studying abroad, I've thought about it before as this was a couple years before the scarring started happening. I have numbness or sort of a "pins and needles" feeling in my cheeks somewhat frequently because of it. Not sure if you have anything similar. Again, just trying to provide my experience to try and help someone or anyone but everyone
  2. One sec, I'll quote reply your last post Again I'm going to be brutally honest: 1.) I've lived the past 2 years hardly looking in the mirror - Not trying to be an asshole but I do not believe you. 2.) To stop and look in the mirror in a store or in the car and not feel like a monster. - Like I said above haha, my advice doesnt just apply to home mirrors. 3.) I'm scared of harsh angled lighting or overhead lighting in restaurants and stores and how horrendous my skin look
  3. Also do not use Peels lol for real. For sensitive skin like we have it is not a good option and the science behind it is junk
  4. Hi All, I have to be brutally honest. My skin looked like all of these pictures, I feel myself in the anecdotes, I absolutely get it. It is really really really hard to deal with. I am TELLING YOU, I am absolutely telling you. If you make a decision, as hard as it is, to stay out of the mirror and relax and just get on a regular skincare routine i.e. just a cleanser and a good moisturizer like cetaphil or cerave twice a day and just make the decision to relax and focus on yoursel
  5. My random scarring stopped yes. And I still look in the mirror, don't get me wrong but in a normal pattern and not like dashing to the bathroom and staring at my face for 5 minutes at a time. For me at least I could legitimately feel my face get hot and enflamed as I stood there observing every centimeter of my face, pores, etc.
  6. Hi All, I posted way back earlier in this thread when I was struggling with spontaneous large pours and sometimes shallow scarring and connecting pores that sometimes turn into pseudo-scars. I wanted to check back in because I am doing much much much better. A couple thoughts to hopefully ease some minds and help. Disclaimer: These are things that helped me, I'm no doctor but these are some observations and things that I did to overcome this cycle of enlarged pores, weird scars,
  7. so i finished accutane (kind of). This dumbass doctor bumped me to 40mg per day for just like clogged pores and it inflamed the crap out of my skin. I could literally feel the heat coming off of my face towards the end before i hopped off. When it was just 20 my skin was looking good. He was fired i believe or at least "was no longer with the firm". Anyway the new girl and i agreed to get off of it because it was clear my face was irritated. I think accutane may have induced some sor
  8. Was there any resolution to this? I havent had a test done but I think i may have the same thing. Shallow scars appearing out of nowehere, huge pores everywhere. I am considering buying the zz cream.
  9. I also took retin-a over the summer to rid myself of some tiny bumps on my ski, I think they were just clogged pores from the heat and sweat. Like that woman reported, I got hit with huge pores all over my cheeks and nose, and a bunch of tiny scars and scarred pores. I had that creeping feeling and itchy feeling on my face as well but I had just started a real job and was googling all kinds of crap about my face at work. My oil production was exploding and I think honestly the feeling was jus
  10. Thanks for the reply! I am going to give myself a break for a couple months. Only off accutane for 2-3 weeks so far, I got prescribed a gentle sulphur cleanser for my face flushing and general acne maintenance as Im off accutane and I really like it, really calms down my skin. Using that every other night. Also just been using the cetaphil gentle cleanser in between. Scars/scarred pores and just pores are still prevalent but I think they may be slowly getting better as I am just letting th
  11. not sure who stephanie is and not sure if you meant to reply to this topic?
  12. I am on month 5 of an accutane dose for large pores and oily skin. Took accutane in the past and made my skin amazing. Nothing worked on my large pores and they were beginning to scar so I took accutane again and now my cheeks are riddled with pores, unsure if there are more now or before treatment. I also get face flushing. Before the course I would sit at work and feel my skin get oily and itchy and almost crawly. I am unsure what is causing this but is it possible it's demodex? I am get
  13. Any more updates on your progress? How long did you wait after accutane to begin the use of the madelic serum? Let me know!
  14. Yea I am doing all of those things. I don't use any topicals besides moisturizer and the cetahil gentle cleanser like you said. I have about 45 pills left (40 mg each) to go. Like I said, my pores were all open and kind of stagnant for a while with no white sebum in the middle but now it looks as though they are cleansing again because I can see the clogs again. I think that is good but i don't know how much I like that happening at the trail end of my course. Could make sense though becaus