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  1. cocainekate


    :self explanititory
  2. I dunno if they sell them in the UK. What's great about them? I have oily skin and it's kinda annoying.. would they help with that? And yeah you have really nice skin, it's shame the same can't be said for Undermine, I think he mistook testosterone for not washing
  3. 1. dermalogica special cleansing gel 2. dermalogica intensive moisture balance 3. dermalogica multivitamin power recovery masque highly reccomend them. its what keeps me looking good.
  4. i'm curious, what do you do all day? on a regular day... i go to school come home and jsut study. eveynow and then... i go to school come home get ready and get crunk.
  5. Just out of curiosity what kind of drugs do you do? just pot for the most part. w/e most people smoke weed. Even I do once and a while. For the most part Im perfect in every way :D except for smoking, drinking, bad moods, but other then that Im pretty happy with myself :D oh dont get me worng. im really happy. hahha. i love my life.
  6. Just out of curiosity what kind of drugs do you do? just pot for the most part.
  7. i dont have acne. but i can have an attitude at times. drug problems. alcohol problems. im scared to graduate beauty school. i have alot of problems.
  8. move to manhattan; my friends include artists, businessmen, bums, musicians, goths, college students (like me), rappers, hipsters... everyone gets along ohh i like hipsters. there so tight. so are rappers.
  9. just be who you want to be. if your happy the way you are then stay that way. but if ever you want to do something out of the ordinary.. do it.
  10. thats why you dont follow what other people do and step out of the crowd and meet people you normally wouldnt necassarily meet. you kidding? live in NYC for a few days! i live in orange county and l.a. over here like its natural to meet people from different genres of fashion. liek its normal. thats why i talk to alot of straight guys that dress normal. tehy dont care. its all about open mindedness
  11. thats not always true. the majority of people want to meet people who arent like them. people admire other people who dress/act what theyre not... why? cause people are afraid to just let go therefore they like people who can. see my view is that everything in life is about creativity and expression. everything.