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  1. go to a plastic surgeon and he'll see wuts best for u. for the ice pick scar u can get that cut out and then u can do fraxel laser
  2. ya only women have to answer the questions, but the u have to sign into ipledge in the begining b4 the first time u get the accutane. Just call ipledge and ull have to figure ur way through the voice machiine to get a real person to help u then u can get it. some pharmacys have stupid ppl in it so just go to another one.
  3. no theres two kinds. One cetaphil lotion with spf 15 and theres another one is cetaphil mosturizing cream
  4. take accutane and it will cure ur acne for good. dont do anything else because it wont work, it will work for like a few months but then ur body gets immune to it and ur acne comes back. so just take accutane for 5 or 6 months and ull be cured
  5. I wouldnt take creatine while ur taking accutane because its gonna raise ur tetracyclines and ur blood test will come back bad and they might take u off accutane. I tookin creatine for about two years until last year when i had to go to the hospital because it messed up my body. i was using it for weight lifting to get bigger for football and the first day of two a days last year my whole lower body cramped up for about 6 hours straight(no joke). It was the most iscruciating pain that i couldnt
  6. has anyone gone to Dr. Weiss in maryland for fraxel treatments and/or excisions? Did you have a good experience with him?
  7. i guess someone can be attracted to someone with acne scars if they have it themselves
  8. it depends on the type of scar and the location. But acne scars are ugly. having craters all over ur face is'nt sexy at all, its deforming. But like a slash mark like Al Pacino in scarface can be hot.