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  1. Don't really want to answer you, but that would mean not helping the girl who made this topic. First of all, I said VISIA/dermatoscopy + other computerised program (I don't remember how it's called and I threw the papers away). If you think people who have had thousands of pacients combined with acne/scars are doing these "irrelevant" things just to get your money, then I don't know what to tell you. Second of all, I said 4 dermatologists, not one. I decided to stick with the last one and she sh
  2. Okay, you would be okay with 70% but you're still around though? Even you who don't even want 100% are drawn to these forums. The idea that I was presenting before was that having scar treatment is not going to be like walking in a straight line. Most will stumble and seek advice from other people before they reach the end of the road. Therefore, we will hear from more people in this case than in a case where you have more success rate straight away. I don't really want to argue with you, and
  3. Thanks:) Yeah maybe it's better this way, but it's sucks when you want to go out at night and look your worst:(. I do that sometimes (taking a nap before going out), and 1-2 hours is enough for my skin to look better, but my skin gets worse pretty quick tho:(. I'll look into TCA, but need more research on that:). Well, thanks for replying.:). To be honest, I don't think my scars are severe, more like moderate, but it's ugly i know,( could be worse though.) I don't really believe what derma
  4. Thanks, yes i am afraid too, i might wait, but i am really unpatient now:(. I uploaded new pics of my skin, i took them today. I'ts so sad that in the morning my skin is so much better, i mean, i could be ok with it if it was like that all day, but in the evening it's terrible:(. Why is that? Why can't we have our morning skin for the whole day?:(:(
  5. I ordered 1,5mm ones, so I'm hoping it will hep at least a little bit, a slight improvement is still an improvement:)
  6. I think these are rolling and boxcar scars, i have similar ones, but worse. I don't think they gonna heal on their own:(. I fnished accutane in may, and my scars are basically the same. You could try dermarolling, that's what I will do.
  7. Yes, i know, everyone tells me the same thing, that my scars look worse in my eyes. I think a part of it is true, you don't notice other people's flaws as you do your own, but these people also want me to feel better, so i don't know, that's why i came here for honest opinions:). Thank you for your reply:):) Thanks:) So there is no risk to dermarolling? I purchased rollers from ebay, and those are pretty cheap, 1,5mm ones. So there's no chance I could make my skin worse than it is already
  8. Hi, I would like some advice on my scarring, thanks:) (My story short: I started an accutane log but didn't finish that. I started getting acne at 23, had basically perfect skin before.Took accutane from dec 2014 to may 2015). And here I am, now acne free but have a lot of scars. Actually I wanted my acne to go away desperately, but scarring, probably for the rest of my life is really depressing.:(. Some days I feel ok, but other days I feel so depressed, seeing myself in bad lighting, or in a
  9. And did your acne came back as severe as it was before you took Accutane the first time? I know they say a lot of things about Accutane, and some things are just confusing and seem contradictory (like taking the drug with a high fat meal helps absorption, but you should avoid high fat meals because of the triglycerides and stuff...), and who knows what they will find out next time. And everybody is reacting differently, I know:(. But I am getting impatient too, I know it's been only one month f
  10. My first month, I had 40mg & had the blood test before I took my first pill. For month 2, I had my blood test before I came in & was upped to 50mg for month 2 and 3. I did not have a blood test for month 3--my derm allowed me to take both months. I'm on month 4 now, and still on 50mg. Again, I only had a blood test before my appointment. I have 50mg for month 5 as well, and do not require a blood test for month 5. Trust in your derm : ) If your body is reacting fine to the accutane, I th
  11. GreatDane - When where you on Accutane before, and how long did it work for you? I heard that the cumulative dose is important if you want remission. Did you reach it the first time you were on Accutane? And I also read that higher dosage is a better option if you can handle it, so I'll ask for 40mg/day, and see how I can handle it. Maybe you should try the 30 mg on every other day first?
  12. Hi GreatDane! Thanks for reading my log and good luck on your journey, I hope this time you will be clear for good, and don't have to worry about acne any more:) I think what my derm does (or doesn't) is worrying too, but I'm not concerned about getting pregnant. I'm on birth control pills, and I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not planning to date till I finish this:). But I'll find a better doctor (I have to go to this one for the next check up tho), because the lack of monthly blood tests
  13. Week 3 Still taking 30mg/day Another week has passed, and it feels like time went by a bit quicker this week. My initial breakout is still there, but maybe a bit better. It's strange, some days I feel like it's improving, but other days I want to cry, and see no improvement at all. This day is a "better" day, so I'm optimistic. My blackheads are still bigger, and I have blackheads where I've never seen them before (like the top of my nose). But they are not as bumpy when I touch them. And I
  14. Naomiskin

    Accutane Journey

    My Accutane Journey (Starting on 4th of December, 2014)