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  1. I just wanna try it cause nothing else has worked and it worked for my friend so i figured i'd give it a shot
  2. then what do you use the cotton balls?
  3. is there such a thing as 50/50 ACV or did it mean that you are supposed to mix 50 percent ACV and 50 percent water??
  4. by the way what is an astringent bottle
  5. just wondering how long its gonna take for these spots to go away
  6. cool, so would it be with like the food or with the facewash sorry for so many questions
  7. ok i didn't mean to use aha as initials i mean it as aha (like i discovered something) lol umm where could i find ACV
  8. aha is that like a form of apple cider or something?? obviously i am clueless on this topic
  9. Because i have been wanting to start the apple cider vinegar thing but i have no idea what people are talking about when they say ACV some help please??