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  1. Thick Rimmed Glasses? You Must Write In Live Journal.
  2. Wow thats actually really funny Its A Shame our older than me .. the things that we could have done
  3. lol fukk me && find out



  4. read.



  5. "you can't love someone unless you love yourself". -Random Guy Don't remember
  6. omg omg dude you seriously are soo funny i mean wow thats thats original wow wow your soo funny omg dude congrats your freshlol.
  7. its true mac is really bad, i was at the hospital and the ladies like never use Mac its the worst and her skin proved it! SAD
  8. Well Thanks At Least Someone KNow's Um Shoppers Is Were Im Planning To Get It But It Seems Like They Didnt Have A Ton So Ill Check Walmart Then Shoppers But How Am I Suppose To Test It? lol if its in the box
  9. Sounds pretty good to me! lol but thats her skin.
  10. Yea I Guess IT Is but im wondering if its worth it so i could pay for what its worth
  11. Well I Was Just Wondering To check This Product Out From Sephora How Was Your Expierence? Info: Perfectly Amazing ($107.00 Value) Now 57$ but in candian its 67.74 The perfect kit for achieving the most flawless skin possible, this complete kit includes everything you need to conceal imperfections and create a flawless finish, in seconds. From Amazing Cosmetics' miracle concealer, to good-for-your-skin Velvet Mineral Powder Foundation, it's all you need to put your best face forward. And the bes
  12. Slim_Cobra


    Hey. Shut Up. Ive Bet Youve Never Seen A Body Like Mine On A 14 Year Old So Pfftt.
  13. I hope what your use it for isn't all from the same tube. lol.
  14. Yes So When I went to shoppers drug mart in toronto there was this physicians formula mineral wear box set it looks like this attachment . well anyways there is everything in it but i didn't buy it so i dont recall if there is a certain color for your skin you have to choose from all the boxed sets . are they all the same?
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    From the album: Moi

  16. Slim_Cobra


    Moi..What More Yes Ive Cleared W.e
  17. Hey T-Virus Maybe Your Just Jealous Because Youve Got Aging With That Virus You gots.
  18. From the album: Moi

    People Post. One Thing.
  19. Fuckin Whore Dont Trash My GAllery Just Cuz Your JEalous

  20. ahah your name lol im an emo kid not conforming as can be ou be non conforming to if you looked just like me lol you know the rest

  21. Slim_Cobra

    And Wut??

    From the album: Moi

    Boredd. To The Max

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