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  1. Well, it's been several years and I decided to go back on Yasmin. The herbal/natural route helped a bit, but it was too much of a hassle and there were too many variables. Then my acne started to get worse a few years ago, and my dermatologist gave me Differin gel and doxycycline. He said that I could take doxy just when I was having a break out, and then stop taking it when it cleared up. Doxy actualy worked quite well..the most effective antibiotic I've tried (I also tried tetracycline and
  2. Thanks, good luck you too!

  3. hello,

    my overall impression of green cream that it was a good product to smooth skin texture, but not for the prevention or treatment of acne. or at least, not my acne, which is just moderate, but extremely stubborn. good luck with it, though!

  4. Hello Sushi,

    I'm wondering about your over-all impression on green cream.

    I received it yesterday and I'm going to start using it.

  5. i haven't taken any supplements for 6-7 months now, and my skin has only gotten steadily worse. it would be so much better if i only had to deal with a few zits per month. since this is pretty much my hormones at their natural level, i'm actually pretty convinced i have PCOS, indicating a sort of fundamental female hormonal problem. (4 of the main symptoms apply to me.) i'm bringing my skincare products with me when i go abroad, although they're no miracle cure i think the situation would be
  6. alright, thought i'd come back and give this log some closure. i stopped using green cream because although it helped me skin, it wasn't enough for the price. after my last post, the effects started to plateau off. i tried layering paula's choice BHA 2% liquid as lion queen suggested, but didn't notice much difference. the liquid and PC blemish fighting solution (benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) seem to be a more effective combination. however, my acne is definitely related to female hormonal imbalance,
  7. it was made specifically for women, but cementface suggested to someone earlier in the thread to try googling something called "testralin" i ordered some estrotone and i should be getting it tomorrow or the next day. i'll keep you updated!
  8. bump any updates would be great. my story is similar to others suffering from adult female hormonal acne. i was on the pill for two years and my skin was clear, got off of it a year ago and my acne returned. i unsuccessfully tried vitex in tincture form, and am still on the lookout for an alternative to bcp to regulate my hormones. thinking of giving this a try, any additional comments on peoples' experience with this would be much appreciated!
  9. sounds like people just need to mix and match vitamins/supplements until they find the combination that works for them. my acne is similar, and although it's not severe, it's almost *always* cysts, making the problem very hard to ignore. i went off yasmin in april 2008, and took vitex (chasteberry, agnus castus) in the liquid form for like 8 months, with no difference in my skin or my hormones (cycle still hasn't regulated). i'm going abroad very soon, too, which complicates finding remedies an
  10. week 17 oops i don't know what is wrong with my last post, or what i intended to write. in any case, progress still going fairly well, but not great. the lower half of my face just has so many clogged pores it's ridiculous. i apply green cream at least twice a day, sometimes three, and in varying combinations of levels 6 and 9. haha kind of random i know, but i just go by how my skin feels on any given day. usually, it's level 6 in the morning and level 9 in the evening. i had a breakout re
  11. week twelve this stuff officially rocks. *knock on wood* the twice a day application is key, i think. maybe i'll
  12. week ten i think i can call the past few weeks a turning point in my green cream regimen! i commented earlier that i might bump up to level 9 after this bottle. however, i was perusing the green cream community boards and their rep said that it was better to apply level 6 two-three times per day rather than level 9 once a day. so, i bumped my usage to morning and evening, and it appears to be working rather well. knock on wood. overall texture of skin skill pretty smooth- i think this is now
  13. week 8 (almost 9) haha thanks for your reply, but it's cool if no one does. i just like having a record for my own sake, and if it's a help to someone else then all the better. over the holidays i went from tropical hawaii to the bitter cold and snowy northeast, and my skin definitely went into shock. my face was EXTREMELY dry. the driest its ever been, in fact. cheeks were all rough/scaly gross. so, i stopped using green cream for about two weeks and instead used a gentle cleanser and moistur
  14. week 6 highlights in bold. using level 6 just once daily, as i still need the mornings for my beloved desert essence blemish stick to take care of breakouts. stopped using BP, i hated the feeling on my face. i think it's just useful to bring down initial swelling of crazy big pimples. my breakout is almost entirely gone, just a few slight bumps and ugly red marks (which i'm beginning to think will never go away). skin is smooth and clearing nicely, but no difference in pore size at this point
  15. day 31 hm wow it's been a month already. my breakout is slowly going away. 5-6 noticeable bumps which are much smaller than they were before, another handful that have not surfaced and hopefully will not surface at all since i'm using BP and desert essence blemish stick (which has always been really helpful for me). using level 6 everyday without a problem. trying to build up to twice a day eventually, but i need the mornings to use other acne products on this stupid breakout. as i said befor