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  1. accutane is not generic. but claravis is. discuss.
  2. the SSR is the traveling salesman's friend. i was once on a plane to nantucket . . .
  3. the SSR has a long tradition in the south and is widely accepted even in the most redneck backwaters of america.
  4. SSR is your only option at this point!
  5. the SSR is clinically proven to be more effective than both neutrogena and coffee grinds combined in independent side to side studies.
  6. before you do try the SSR. its simple but effective in 99.99 percent of cases of acne.
  7. true, but dont turn a blind eye to the SSR
  8. the SSR is an all natural homeopathic treatment that should be discussed between you and your partner
  9. kudos please look into the SSR. we could use a man of your talent.
  10. honestly in the morning i just go out with a little SSR on and forget about how i look. you go girl
  11. i recommend mino as a last option after the SSR has failed. which it never has. NEVER
  12. running late one morning had to apply the SSR in a public toilet.
  13. the SSR acts as a natural skin barrier and sedative to prevent picking
  14. the SSR might be a better option here
  15. Ok results. Would have been much better on the SSR
  16. The SSR is great for those who are constantly traveling. For a limited amount of time it is safe to replenish your own supply.
  17. Problem is you need to switch to the SSR