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  1. Thanks for the comment. Prior to this website I have tried everything... birth control. Chemical peels.laser. medications. Topical like Trentionon and bp 10% Some others prescriptions. I actually have been on bc for about 7 years now, with the exception of when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. .. minus 2 years. I never saw a difference. I was on ortho tricyclen lo for 2 years, trinessa for about a year and back on ortho tricyclen love for the past Two years in hopes of helping my breakouts.
  2. So I finally purchased the complete acne.org products. And I am soo happy worth then. They are so gentle! I also have been using 1/2 moisturizer and half aha at night with jojoba oil. I'm not as red And the flakes have gone away. It's been 2 weeks with the acne.org products. I'm still not completely clear but I am planning on sticking with the regimen at least for a year! I have noticed that my skin is smoother and less bumps. My cheeks and forehead are clear! Just working on my chin a bit mor
  3. After I finished the Neutrogena BP ...( 1 or 2 weeks )I switched to clinque ' s all over acne solutions. I found it for 20$ and it was a 1.7 Oz bottle. Larger than Neutrogena. However when I switched BP I felt as to I started all over again. With the irritation dryness and redness.... my pores were huge and I was peeling all day. Make loomed horrible. I stated to see wrinkles near my eyes around the 2nd week... a month later they decreased but still appeared somewhat. I learned to wash my hand
  4. My Acne story. I have had mild acne since I was 9 yrs old. As the years went on it progressed. In Jr high I went to a dermatologist and received laser treatments.... the type of acne I had were flesh colored bumps all over.... with occasional cystic acne. It followed me throughout high school and college. I am now 25 and have tried it all. Up until November of last year until I come across this site and saw the regimen. It was something I have never tried. Gentle. Bp. Moisturizer. Little did I
  5. I read around and saw that someone would let the fan blow to quicken the process. ... I blow dry my hair in the morning and found that using the blow dryer on the cold / cool setting help speed up the process on the extra bp or moisturizer that hasn't dried up.
  6. I had this happen to me my second week on the regimen. I was freaking out with these "wrinkles" and also enlarged pores....I think my skin was just getting used to it. It's been 2 months and these have gone away... they are not permanent
  7. I agree aha and jojoba help tremendously!
  8. I find it to be more gentle on the skin, It is humungous compared to other bottles and lasts forever. Dan's BP was the 3rd one i tired on the regimen. I used a neutrogena tube (only lasted a week or 2). $6. That left a white residue on my face and was a cream. I then switched to a 1.7 oz tube of cliniques all over treatment (2.5% BP) that one seemed to last about 3 weeks and seemed very harsh on my skin. also left a white residue. costs about 20$. After seeing that i was purchasing these product
  9. I recently started the regimen in November, I started with store brand ingredients.... cerave, neutrogena bp and cerave am/pm. I then switched to cliniques all over 2.5% BP. that was my first month. I then ordered Dan's Regimen online. I loooove his products. They are so gentle on the skin. Im wondering if you possibly have switched products? I noticed when I switched BP (twice) it felt like the over dryness, flakey, and redness started all over again. I saw this for about 2.5 months, it was soo
  10. Have you tried adding jojoba oil to your moisturizer? That might help with the dryness.