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  1. glad to hear that you are finding success in your treatments. I was wondering about your TCA CROSS how much did that cost if you don't mind me asking? I am very interested in the procedure and also reside in the GTA. thanks ahead of time.
  2. hello all, I've been investigating cosmetic derms in the GTA on the internet and was wondering if anyone has experience with Dr. Gidon. I was thinking about going to her for a consultation for fraxel and possibly thermage. http://www.fraxelclinic.ca/drgidon.php. thats one of her site links. I'm still looking though want to get people's opinions, if anyone has had a good experience with a derm in the GTA please let me know so i can check them out. any comments are greatly appreciated.
  3. hey everyone, I just got prescribed for accutane today by my derm. He prescribed 50 mg/day I was wondering if this is considered average or what have you? I am going to start the prescription when i come home from school for christmas holidays, around mid december, as i am unable to stay at home and get the necessary bloodwork done before i start taking the pills. I have mild acne but have had everyother antibiotic and topical imaginable, I've even had 5 ALA/PDT treatments but i cannot get cle
  4. *29

    gta fraxel

    hello all, i'm looking into getting fraxel laser treatments for some minor to mild acne scars on my cheeks only and was wondering if anyone from the boards has had experience with any dr's in the area or could make reccomendations. grateful for feedback thanks,
  5. hello all, i have a upcoming derm appointment i'm from toronto, where i'm going to ask to go on accutane, as nothing has worked for me, i've tried every topical there is and had 5 ala pdt treatments and still cannot control my acne. I was wondering what the process is like going on accutane is it something that the derm prescribes right away and you just start from there and also wondering what the blood tests and other routines are like. thanks a bunch,
  6. hello all, I went to my derm the other day and asked about getting something done about the few pock marks and scarring i have on my cheeks, i only have about 4 on my left cheek and maybe 3 on my right cheek and they are not very deep but still a cause for concern when i see myself in the mirror, anyways he reccomended that i get this ala pdt treatment a mixture of both a peel and light laser treatment saying that it would help, i was wondering if anyone had heard of this or has had success wi
  7. does anyone know of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist in Toronto that practices the CROSS method not just tca peels? Thanks again, 29
  8. hi, im looking into getting some procedures done in toronto, and i was wondering if anyone here is from toronto and had had sucessful treatments. I have mild scarring on my cheeks only, nothing deep but still substantial to have looking back at you in the mirror that i am desperate to correct and or heal to the best potential, and i was wondering if anyone could point me in the way of links or names or numbers to doctors, surgeons etc that they have had success with. Thanks so much,
  9. *29


    my derm gave me a shit load of differin samples today to help with my redness and very shallow scars he said it should work and fade the scars and reduce redness in my face. I was wondering what other peoples experiences with differin are and what the general concencous was about it. cool. .
  10. hello, i have some scarring on my cheeks mostly on my left cheek that looks really really bad to me in this photo, and i was wondering what people thought my best options are in terms of treating them, I am very sensitive and self concious about them so here tis
  11. hey can any canadian members tell me where i could possibly purchase some bio oil, i have very minimal scarring but would like to try bio oil because of some of the refferals from this site. any info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. camellia oil eh. i only have very shallow indented scaring and there are only like 3 or 4 of them on my one cheek they look like enlarged pores but would like to minimize the apperance of them where could i go to purchase something like camellia oil, is this similiar to bio oil? thanks.
  13. *29

    bio oil

    i'm from canada and i was wondering if anyone knows where i can purchase some biooil products i am not to familiar with the product but would like to give it a try if anyone could help me out that'd be great. Thanks
  14. i have a long history with mild/moderate acne i tried the clear skin regimen and bought over the counter bp it helped a bit and i began to clear up, i went to the derm and he gave me a prescripition for benzaclin a benzoperoxide/clyndamycin cream and it has done wonders i am almost instantly clear, that being said my acne was just on my cheeks and was mild to moderate. Now that i am almost 100 percent clear i have noticed two or three very small scars on my one cheek and was wondering what i cou
  15. I am a 20 year old male who has problems with shaving and i think i may have the very same problem as you. I have what I believe is irritation caused by shaving and has caused breakouts of acne just on my cheek areas on both sides of my face.I break out with pustules, pauples, and whiteheads. Personally i've tried the CSR and it did not work for me. I've gone to the Derm and have been prescribed Tetracycline antibiotics and retin-a cream neither of these worked either. My irritation and acne got