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  1. I've been on Dan's regimen for a long time. It has helped my acne, but I still breakout mildly-moderately even with it. It seems like 2.5% BP is not enough to stop all the pimples. I remember multiple times when I would leave the BP on in the morning, and come back in the afternoon with a pimple starting to form. I then switched to persa gel 10, basically a 10% BP. It seems to work wonderfully at keeping my skin clear of pimples, but it's extremely drying and made my skin red and flaky. I only u
  2. I've always had mild to sometimes moderate acne for the last couple of years. I pretty much use Dan's regimen except for the moisturizer due to the numerous bad review. This is my routine: 1.Wake up, wash with cleanser 2. put bp over entire face and leave it on 3. later during the day, put on moisturizer 4. when I shower at night, use cleanser again 5. before bed, spot treatment and moisturizer over entire face Like I said above, I use the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and the cleanser from Dan'
  3. Whenever I wake up, I usually find a small pimple growing or a small zit if I haven't put on any benzol peroxide on my face. Face feels a bit oily too. If I do put on benzol peroxide, I'll usually wake up fine without any pimples, but I might get one occasionally. How can I solve this problem? I use a 10% benzol peroxide cream and although my face doesn't have a lot of zit or red bumps, I have quite a lot of white head too and the cream doesn't really seem to help the situation. How can