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  1. Thank you for everything you guys have done for me. I really appreciate it and im sorry for making very stupid post about my emotions how stupid of me for doing that. My skin is some what ok and think im going to leave now im to addict to this site. lol Thank you Ladida you set me straight. Well i hope everyone heals up nicely now Thankyou Lots of Love One-who-needs-answers
  2. Good job man you work for you goal and you can do it Im still working for mine
  3. three days till then if i were in your situation id try the best to avoid anything that would agrivate my skin. You got time to heal
  4. no it doesnt matter i was just curious. What are you going to do the next day and the day after that? You cant bail work I never called out of the 6months i worked im saving my money for my goal
  5. I hate having zits i usually shave them off because i fear that they will grow more and with red marks they usually heal slowly. My zits will be small for a while but the next hour they are super red and huge. But thats me
  6. Im sorry to hear that but i have encountered similar situations but i still go i tell my self "this to shall pass" where do you work?
  7. I figure it out this way if not me than it would most likely be my friend it was bound to happen
  8. no by the way im 16 i think im to young for you it wont be legal j/k
  9. This is just an update ( i couldnt find the lounge ) Well i went to work today and that girl i made out with the other day was talking to one of my friends thats a guy the one who calls himself a "playa". They were talking for a while and i got jealous for a while but i got over it. I didnt really talk to her much since she was on the far side of the store. I got a bit sad knowing that i wasnt going to get lucky. Later though we had some small chit chat that made me feel better. Around