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  1. Hi When I started B5 I had the wrose breakout I have ever had from Week 5 to Week 7, it lasted approx. 14-17 days. Once it stopped my skin cleared up beautifully. I suggest you just stick with it to around Week 8 to see what happens. Bea,a
  2. beama

    B5 Log

    I am on Day 16 of 10g B5 and I have been breaking out quite badly for the past week, in the past couple of days I have noticed my oil has reduced about 30% and also my skin is appearing more refined, however I am still breaking out at the moment which sucks but I am hoping its the initial breakout and in the next 1-2 weeks the breakout will subside. B5 is definitely doing something.
  3. Is the breakout more than your normal acne? If so, then give the B5 at least two months, you will probably find out the breakout will settle down and you will then clear considerably.
  4. Hi I have some Threelac that I want to sell. I have been taking Threelac since September last year, it has completely removed Candida from my body and reduced my acne noticeably. I now have two unopened cartons (still sealed) of 60 packets (120 packets total) that I want to sell as I no longer need to take Threelac anymore. I was taking 2 packets per day so the 2 cartons I have is 2 months supply. The price can be negoitated but it will be cheap, I am willing to sell them for 50% of the n
  5. I am about to start Thomspons B5, its one of the few brands I can find locally, its not cheap but I prefer to buy locally at this stage rather than buying from overseas and saving a few bucks. I will be starting on 10g a day (20 pills) sometime next week once they arrive. I can't wait!
  6. What brand B5 are you taking?
  7. With so many B5 brands available around the world, it is quite confusing for someone new to B5 to know which brand to take. I am wondering what brand B5 people are currently taking or have previously taken and their thoughts on how good the brand was? Thanks Beama
  8. Too early to tell mate, just keep taking for at least a few weeks then will know if its doing anything for oyu. What brand are you taking?
  9. What brand B5 are you taking? I have found the www.antiac.com B5 for $19.95 for 200 pills, that seems to be the cheapest, but will the quality be as good?
  10. What brand are you taking Touch Yourself?
  11. Hi Sarahbella The AntiAC B5, is it just regular pills? By that I mean not time release? How long have you been on AntiAC B5? I have just ordered Clear5 thinking it was a good price but AntiAC is even cheaper and I prefer not to take time release as well.
  12. Have you found the pimples that you have gotten recently are less severe and perhaps go away a day or two quicker? If so, then it is a sign that the B5 is working it just has fully kicked in yet and will most likely take 3 months at least. I remember in my first month of B5 my skin tone looked really nice although I was still getting pimples I could tell the B5 was doing something, then after 2 months but skin cleared up.
  13. Just give it time superman87, I am starting the Clear5 shortly, just waiting on my shipment to arrive. You will have to give it at least 3 months before you know if it will work or not. Have you noticed the texture of your skin change at all?