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  1. I don't blame you for freaking out - it sounds like this cyst has a life of its own. I would definitely recommend taking that prednisone, like NOW, and call you derm and tell them what's going on. Maybe then he can give you an injection or antibiotics, to stop the infection. I get cysts in the same spots all of the time, but haven't seen this before. It could just be that there was a lot of gunk and pressure beneath the surface, and cysts so rarely burst like that. Good luck, I'm sure it w
  2. OK, good to know. Thanks! I may just revert to 2.5% BP myself, again.
  3. This is interesting because I have suffered from mild to moderate acne since I've been about 15. I'm now 31, and it shows no signs of stopping. I have gone through retin A (harsh and ineffective), many antibiotics, steriod injections, countless over the counter products, and was thinking of visiting my derm soon to ask about Accutane. From what I've read on these posts, it seems to be the only tried and true remedy for persistent acne. I am a female too, so I guess I will have to go throug
  4. Hi y'all, Anyone out there use Benzaclin? It's 5% BP plus clindamycin. It just seems to suck the moisture out of my face, even moisturizer afterwards does not help much. I've seen little improvement in my acne, and been getting new cysts the last couple of days. Wondering if I should chuck it in the garbage and move on, or wait a bit longer. Been using it for a few weeks. Thanks for any feedback!!
  5. Hi All, Been reading quite a bit lately about the use of probiotics in treating acne, internally. Topical creams, Dan's regimen has been doing little for me so far. Does anyone have recommendations as to good probiotic brands to try? The internet seems to be full of companies hocking probiotics, and I can't help but think many of them are not what they say they are. And any good or bad experiences out there with probiotics? Thanks for helping me on my quest to squash my acne...
  6. Cetaphil Lotion = yuck lol it burns the eyes too! and very greasy. Hmmm ... i suggest using the Queen Helene line of masks I have all 3 (the 3 the sell at CVS anyways) and i LOOOOVE them! Also go to www.cvs.com and look up Neostrata they have an Oil Controlling Gel its expensive but i would def. give it a try if i were you. Unfortunately not that it is summer time and there is so much humiidty everyone around here has a shiny face it is like impossible to not get swetay in this weather .. I HATE
  7. Yes, the DDF Sulphur mask works the best out of all of them that I have tried so far. Clinique's Emergency mask is pretty good too - it has some SA in it, just so you know.
  8. I've heard that the "natural" titanium dioxide sunscreens can be good, and non-comedeogenic, but I've bought several (Origins Save the Day Spf 25) and I end up getting little bumps, loads of blackheads, and some develop into zits. I'm just wondering if any of you have had a similar experience, and what you have found that works well instead. I like to use Spf 25 or higher since I'm outside quite a bit. Thanks!
  9. It's not you - I can't use regular Cetaphil either. Totally made me break out and I didn't feel like it cleaned well at all. Left makeup behind too. Cetaphil makes a Normal to Oily skin cleanser now which is better and not too drying.
  10. I like Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL (don't get the cream) which is really light and totally not greasy, dries fast too. I also like their Super Defense SPF 25 lotion for normal to oily skin. Alba makes a good lotion too, called Green Tea & Aloe, smells nice, is slightly heavier than Cliniques. Haven't had any breakouts using them.
  11. I've tried some Kiehls products - seems to be hit or miss with them. I have not tried any of those you've mentioned, but I've found that most of their toners contain oils and can be harsh, and their rare oatmeal cleanser was absolutely terrible - made me breakout after using it once. I would just be very diligent about checking the ingredients to stay away from anything too creamy or containing oil. Do you like the PCA moisterizer? I've been tempted to try it. Kiehls also makes great e