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  1. lightofmylife

    19/f/mild Acne/40Mg Daily/beginning Accutane!

    day 9 okay i've done a TERRIBLE JOB at keeping up with this but honestly there has been nothing to report. i've really experienced ZERO change which kind of frustrates me but i'm glad i'm not experiencing side effects. I mean my skin is a bit drier and itchy but it's nothing i can't handle, as well as my lips. As far as skin improvement, I wouldn't say it's better but I wouldn't say it's worse either. I know I shouldn't expect change this early anyways. My doctor said not to expect anything
  2. lightofmylife

    19/f/mild Acne/40Mg Daily/beginning Accutane!

    day 3 okay i skipped day 2 because nothing changed at all. i maybe had some dry skin yesterday but that could have just been normal. I went out last night and got home super late and woke up this morning with like a sore spot on my chin? and i have another spot similar to that above my lip. UGHH i think it may be some kind of underground bump and i do NOT normally get those! this is not okay. i STUPIDLY tried to squeeze it which i know is forbidden but nothing really happened and it doesn't
  3. hi everyone! Today is the day I began accutane and I am keeping a daily log to keep track of my progress! I am a 19 year old girl, weigh 110 pounds, and am taking 40mg of zenatane a day. My acne would be described as mild, but i suffer from many clogged pores and blackheads with some whiteheads also that leave hyperpigmentation. I used to have PERFECT skin 1-2 years ago, so it has taken a huge toll on my confidence and self-esteem. I'm so excited to feel the way i used to and not have t
  4. I'm starting accutane in a month and i'm really at a loss for what cleanser and moisturizer i should use. I'm looking at products and reading reviews and it's all overwhelming!! i currently use cetaphil face cleanser and neutrogena sensitive skin face lotion. I think the cetaphil is decent, but i've heard about how SLS can irritate skin? so maybe i should switch. Also, i've used that neutrogena lotion forever and i don't particularly love it. My skin seems more red after i put in on.
  5. I'm so glad to hear that yours is going good! That makes me feel much more confident knowing that others with mild acne are doing this treatment as well. I'm hoping that I will luck out and skip the initial breakout too!! hope it all continues to be smooth sailing
  6. i'm glad to hear that it has eliminated your blackheads as that's a major concern for me! I've definitely considered the initial breakout, and i think that i'll be able to handle it and 1-2 months of bad skin is worth it looking great in the end! thanks for the advice
  7. thank you so much for the encouragement!! I really was so excited with my dermatologist's positivity about me trying it, but as soon as some of my family found out they REALLY discouraged me from it, which only caused me to worry about it! I'm so glad to hear that it has worked for you thanks for the reply. You're right about taking advantage of the offer. It seems A LOT of people with mild acne are desperate for it and have a lot of trouble getting it. And surprisingly this was my first tim
  8. Hi everyone! I've been lurking these message boards for a while but this is my first post here. I am a 19 year old girl and have gone almost my whole life with PERFECT skin. However, within the past 1-2 years my skin has progressively gotten worse. Most would still consider it to be mild- my main problem is TONS of small little closed comedones/blackheads. They give my skin a terrible texture and look really bad especially in certain lighting. I also get red somewhat inflamed bumps along my lowe