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  1. I'm interested in finacea. I've looked online and saw Skinoren and AcneDerm. Both are cream. Which one do u guys recommend? If anyone has bought AcneDerm, please pm me bc theres this website I came across where shipping was free, but I dont know if I should trust it (such a good deal)...and I'd like to know where u got your AcneDerm. i did not know they were cream. generally i prefer gel better. this is good for inflammatory acne too, rite? thats mainly what i get
  2. so ive been using taz .1% for 13 full weeks. ive never ever had one clear week on taz. always at least 4 pimples--they werent the small ones either!!!! now im going on week 14 and have 6 big ones and tons of tiny smaller ones. isnt it supposed to get better and not worse at my stage!!! or is this stuff just not working for me??? for those of you who've had success, how long did it take?? im being patient, but i get depressed more and more.....
  3. was wondering if anyone experiences itchyness?? especially right after i put the taz all over my face, it gets itchy around my jawline. im on my 8th week, and still breaking out horrible!
  4. i have just finished week 4 and am breaking out all over!!!! i was on the lower strength for 2 weeks prior to starting the stronger dose for 4 weeks . so technically, ive been on it for 6 weeks. shouldnt my breakouts be getting better??? urgghhhh!!! anyone else have this problem?
  5. not lettuce, but garlic (a lot)=smelly fart!
  6. i hate going to see my doc--his office is in beverly hills. its soo damn embarrassing crossing 3 crosswalks to get to his office!!! i feel like the ugliest mofo walking past all the pricey restaurants, salons, etc...and most of all, all the beautiful people.
  7. im not sure if this will solve any questions. mainly bc food affects everyone differently. just because someone breaks out on cheese doesnt mean everyone will break out on cheese. also, how would it be a real experiment if most all of us use some sort of topical, vitamin, antibiotic, etc? even if the person who logs his/her food everyday, im sure if he/she starts getting pimples, he/she will use the bp, sa, etc on those pimples or general area, which will taint the experiment. also the issu
  8. i use jojoba and just like you, it neither improves nor worsens my acne. i like it for the smoothness also. ive used it for about 2 months.
  9. masking tape! the clear ones. when i used to bite my nails, my mom would use masking tape and wrap my hands tight in them. then you can put a mitten/sock over the masking taped hand. if you accidentally take your sock off, your hands will still be wrapped. do you use big rubber bands over your sock to secure them? you should use that too.
  10. mines directly either on tip of nose or side of nose!! it never fails me...
  11. urgghh!! i get the HUGHEST cysts while on this stuff! rarely do i get small pimples anymore, just huge nasty red ones. grossssssssss
  12. what about neutrogena kiosk? why does neutrogena have a kiok!!!!!! simpson has money and celebrity status---u can get anything with that!!
  13. keep taking it. i highly doubt those breakouts were bc of zinc since you were in ur first week of taking it. doesnt a pimple take 2 weeks to form? anyways, zinc will not cure your acne, i found it more to be keeping more horrible acne away. of course id still get big pimples on it.
  14. i really think they should make sample size according to a person's size of the face. ive been telling my derm that i should at least get 2 sample tubes cuz i have a big face. sample size according to surface area!!
  15. u can buy it online--though just be careful. go on the allergan website, the maker of tazorac, and find the division in malaysia. maybe u can contact them?
  16. i use a natural soap from carley's. pretty good stuff. wipes off all my makeup. it also makes my face tight after washing, which i LOVE! makes me feel like my face is clean clean clean!
  17. i used to think college was bad, but try out grad school, where everyone is older and youre still the oddball out... donkey143, your smilies (the one scratching the other guy's head) were soo cute on your second posts
  18. over the weekend when i was at walmart, I saw aloe vera juice in a big gallon plastic jug. I dont know the price, but i bet its cheap! ive actually never seen it sold in the walmarts im used to going to. i saw this in an la walmart.
  19. i was using the .05% for 3 weeks, and started on the .1% this month. im starting over the count from my .1%--so im saying ive been on it for about 2 weeks. have I broken OUTTTT! huge, nasty, red pimples all over my forhead! i normally dont get pimples there. i wish it would be overrrrrr!!! supossedly, the tube (30grams) should last you 8.5 months since a sample tube of 3.5 grams should last you 1 month--that is if you are following a pea sized abmount. i find it difficult to use a pea s
  20. how good is the oil control?? im mainly concerned about this. im very very veryyyy oily!! after 1 hour=massive oil. also, ive been recently getting alot of the big red pimples (thanks, taz). how good is it at covering those up? it seems like everyone says its great coverage, but i really need some heavy coverage. currently i like the coverage of revlon colorstay mixed with maybelline conceler.
  21. i think bp is mroe effective if you use it all over your face than sa. i only like to use sa as a spot treater, since i think its very effective to decrease the size of pimples. i am referring to sa astringent form.
  22. u just apply it on your face like you would sunscreen. a little goes a long way and u absorb it on your face. i dont wash mine off. maybe some people do. i think it will go great with bp since sometimes its dries up your face so when you use the jojoba, it'll be soft and moisturized. im not sure about using it while on accutane. dont worry about putting oil on your face especially when this is a good oil, that mimicks your natural sebrum. you mite get a breakout from it, so maybe it wont
  23. i have tried physicians formula, which has both azelaic and kojic acid, along with hydroquinone, in similar proportions. i didnt really notice any change in redmarks, but for brown marks, YES! i used it for about 1 year.
  24. i know you may be concerned with the safety of taking b5, but you never know unless you try. accutane is very dangerous too, and you gave that a try. i tried out the b5 thing 2 years ago and it didnt do anything for me. it may/maynot do anything for you too. we take a lot more risks since were more desparate to fix our skin--well at least for me. you should get on some vitamins, especially zinc. go do a search on here for zinc, and youll see others (including myself) had good results from t