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  1. Don't just listen to people on the internet. Go to a derm/doctor asap. You may have rosacea or eczema and the only person that can really diagnose you is a Derm.
  2. What are you doing for your skin now? Are you exfoliating?
  3. There is no quick fix to acne scarring. It is scar tissue over the normal skin. Retin-A WILL work, but it will take a long time(1 year maybe) to completely remodel your skin.
  4. Just moisturize with heavy cream and hope for the best.
  5. Do you wear moisturizer? You may have perspired slightly and it caused a reaction.
  6. The C+C dual action moisturizer is breaking you out. Trust me, it made my face terrible. Try a simple moisturizer like Cerave. And soap is not bad for acne. Actually its better than acne washes and gentle cleansers. If you have oily skin, you NEED soap.
  7. bar soap >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> gentle cleansers People love to say soap will clog your pores, but that couldn't be further from the truth. If anything Soap takes away too much from the pores while cleansers leave film behind that really clogs pores. Not to mention cetaphil gentle cleanser doesn't take away anything at all, so dead skin stays on the skin. Stick with the bar soap and use a light moisturizer.
  8. what makes you say that?? i've been exfoliating with baking soda i was told it helps?? yeah it's with the spf and tanning oil. it's used to treat sun burns just in case you didn't know. when you get a wound, why would you want to scrub it? I think scrubbing/exfoliating just delays healing. I think you need dead skin to protect the new skin forming underneath.
  9. hey man...imo the best thing is aloe vera gel. What aloe does is form a cover on your skin to allow it to heal underneath. Just wash with soap and then apply aloe twice a day. DONT exfoliate. It just delays the healing.
  10. yea the white spots are most likely scar tissue. I have some too. I dont know of any treatments though....
  11. where did you hear that? Did you not see him 2 years ago? Dudes face looked plastic.
  12. pharell also used to have bad acne as well. I believe he had a chemical peel done for his acne scars.
  13. your pic doesnt work. but yeah, i really dont know anything about this subject. Maybe an AHA chemical peel would be better and less harsh.
  14. hey all you need is a washcloth and fresh water. If you only wash with water, nothing comes off, except maybe a little surface oil. A washcloth will help unclog pores and clean a little deeper without the drying effects of soap since you're not drying up the oil. Thats pretty much all you need to keep your skin clear forever. BUT if you have healing acne wounds, i wouldn't do this until completely clear.