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  1. Hi Dailee, You mentioned a lot of what you eliminated, but what did you replace it with? Most approaches talk about NOT eating this or NOT eating that, I think it's much more important to talk about what you CAN have. For me one of those things has been GREENS - I've been working on a 5-Day "Kickstart" which, if followed, might really help. I made it really easy to follow and it shows you how to make green smoothies, etc. Send me a private message if you're interested and I can give you t
  2. Hi everyone - I was able to cure my acne through diet several years ago. I'm male and was age 26 when I finally was able to get clear by really changing my diet. I just wanted to drop in and see if anyone was interested in hearing what worked for me? Let me know if so, and also let me know what you've tried so far and what has been difficult for you in terms of changing your diet.
  3. Hi Dailee - hopefully you will either outgrow it or find something that works. Diet seems to have helped lots of people and it definitely did for me. However, I didn't change my diet around until I was about 26, so I suffered from age 17 until then. It was SOOOO worth it in the end. Once I got my diet right I no longer had to worry about how my face looked and could easily pinpoint what would cause my skin to break out. It's encouraging that you are looking at all angles of how to addre
  4. Hi all, a few people have asked me about this so I went a step further and made something that is a step-by-step 3-day regimen you can follow. You can print the 2nd sheet off to use as a reference and follow along over the 3 days. I use it when I have new pimples pop up and especially when my skin is looking inflamed / red. Hope it helps and feel free to let me know what you think: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_yGU1O2WLEWX0J6eHMzRi1KMTA/view?usp=sharing -Tim
  5. Hi all, I cured myself about 10 years ago and really identify with what people are posting in this particular forum. I remember feeling at rock bottom, depressed, not wanting to leave my room, etc. I would love to share what worked for me in case it could benefit anyone who is feeling the same way now. I really believe everyone has the ability to get their clear skin back and even minimize scars as I did - its just a matter of finding the right things that work.
  6. Are you breaking out? Or just oil? If you're just oily it could be a number of things. Possibly the sardines because they are oily fish rich in Omega-3 (the good fat). Do you happen to be in a humid environment? Increasing your water significantly could be a big step. Here are some thumb rules: 1) Aim for 1/2-2/3 your bodyweight in ounces per day. E.g. if you weight 150 pounds, aim for 75-100oz per day. 2) Drink 16-20 oz first thing in the morning 3) Observe the 15:45 rule - no w
  7. I'm with SiriBai - I think your oily skin might be a good thing, just your skin rebalancing. Consider going "caveman" for a few days and only washing with water - maybe your skin will reach an equilibrium with the oiliness. And the oil can be a good thing - the more lubricated your skin is naturally, the less likely you are to have wrinkles. I'm 36 and don't have any wrinkles or any major lines and most of my friends do - possibly because my skin has always been on the oily side! It's
  8. I used to do it. Got pretty good at it. I would actually apply a tinted sunscreen (Ti Silc back then - don't think they make it anymore but there's a brand called Neova that may work) . This gave me a good base and the I would use Neutrogena liquid makeup on top of that. It's really a matter of practice. When you have a lot of bumps its only a minor help but I had a lot of redness and discoloration, so it was good for that. It's one of those things that you have to practice and y
  9. Cool - this is pretty long but I wanted to share as much info and make it as actionable as possible for people. This 3-day regimen was what finally gave me hope after suffering for so long. I never looked back and it totally changed my entire life as a result. Regardless of the specific things I mention to do, the most important things are (1) keep blood sugar levels stable to minimize inflammation (2) get high-quality nutrients from green veggies in your diet (3) get Omega-3s in your syst
  10. I'm curious what anyone does when someone is clearly, obviously, and almost rudely looking at your acne, especially when you're having a conversation with them and instead of looking you in the eye are looking all over your face. Do you usually say nothing? Do you have a favorite thing to say or do? Whether it's polite or rude or whatever I hate when this happens to me and want to know what people on this forum think
  11. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and wanted to share a 3-day regimen that really helps "kickstart" me when my skin starts going south and breaking out. I have it detailed out pretty well if anyone is interested - just didn't want to do a super long post here if no one wants to see that. It involves not just diet but also some mental things to do to stay positive and lower stress, which for me has always been the biggest factor. If anyone is interested let me know and I will post as much a
  12. Great job in figuring out not to focus on the mirror. I used to have that problem and I think it made things worse. I agree with Garretryan - find something positive to focus on. Often the first thing you start your day with sets the tone for the whole day. It's the law of attraction - what you focus on and bring feeling to you get more of. Doing a quick meditation in the morning followed by writing some things we're grateful for and what would make the day great can really set the to
  13. Hi Olym, Wow, I feel like this was me 10 years ago writing this post. I know exactly the feeling of isolation and especially frustration at how everyone else has either perfect skin or minor issues that aren't even a big deal, compared to how bad my skin was. And the prime of my life is the part that really jumped out. I was in my mid-twenties, living in a beautiful place (San Diego) with lots of beautiful women around and felt so self-conscious talking to them, wondering what they thoug
  14. Hi Adele, Your body's physiology is the root of the issue. There are many levers that can be pulled here, and diet is certainly a big one. For me, it has been the biggest. Exercise second. But everyone is different I struggled for YEARS, well into my 20's, and even used makeup to cover things up (and I'm a guy!). Happy to share more about what worked for me and what might work for you from a diet perspective. Just shoot me a message if you're interested.
  15. Hey Whatslife - I know what you're going through because I used Retin-A and it was HORRIBLE for me. Made me bright red because I'm fair skinned and had oily skin. I also refused to use Accutane and ended up finally fixing the problem through little habits in diet and exercise implemented over time. When done properly these can have a big impact. Happy to share more about what worked for me and what I see works well for others from that perspective. Based on what you say, to me it seems