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  1. I'm a big fan of joppa minerals also! Love using the essence of beauty brushes found at the cvs stores and the sonia kashuk brushes at target.
  2. which hydroquinone cream do you guys recommend?
  3. What's good for acne and redmarks? I've been on DKR for 4 months now and am clear, but have left over red marks.
  4. Thanks to all that commented. I've been spot treating, like all of you have said.... and it's going down. This little thing should be gone by Thanksgiving. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  5. Been using Dan's regimen now for 3 months now. I've finally been clear for over a month now and then yesterday woke up with a tiny bump on my chin. There's no head, but it's tiny. It only hurts when applying hard pressure? Why now and what type of pimple is it?
  6. Okay....I've been reading a couple of topics where this has been mentioned and I still need some clarification. What should I do about red marks/scars and do I stop doing CSR all together? When using Lac-Hydrin 5 do you just incorporate it with your CSR regimen?
  7. I have been using emu oil for my current red marks and it's working.....slowly. Scarring? I'm praying. I'm still trying it out. It's only been 2 weeks. The dryness is definitely better though.
  8. It's wet...a little more than damp. I usually wait 3-5 minutes or until somewhat dry before I apply the bp. I don't rub in the jojoba, just lightly spread it around my face.
  9. Everyone should really try jojoba oil. The one i've been using is Desert Essence and it's working wonders. My flakes were horrible. It looked as if I was a reptile peeling away it's dead skin. Anyways, try it!!
  10. yep, i'm currently doing the same. I'm loving jojoba oil for the flakiness.
  11. Have any of you experienced this? I've been on Dan's regime for about 3 weeks and 3 days. Skin is looking a little better, but I've been noticing that my skin is starting to show discoloration. My skin is turning lighter. I now have a line on both sides of my face that starts at the ear and curves along the jaw line that is half light and half my normal color (tan complection) What's going on? I'm also starting to notice flaking between my eye and temple area.
  12. Like Jasmina and barb9000 I also love mineral makeup. I'm currently using "Everyday Minerals" and love it. It doesn't contain bismuth which isn't good for acne prone skin and it contains zinc which is good for your skin. Check out their website: http://www.everydayminerals.com/ . It's great for covering scars and redness. Hope that helps.
  13. I was also on proactiv and saw results with it at first, but then started breaking out. It never worked for me again. Move to CSR and drop proactiv.
  14. Okay, I started CSR last night and can I say.... I like it...a lot! The cleaner was so light and refreshing. No funky odor. The BP gel was not harsh at all. I did start with the lower dose (as suggested by Dan). I didn't feel any "burn," but that's probably because my skin was used to the 5% BP I was using prior. I noticed this morning that the acne on my cheeks turned into whiteheads, so I'm not even gonna worry about it and leave it alone. Did CSR again this morning and no problems. Put on my
  15. Thanks Siphon. I would be doing the same regime as you. Question for you......how is it working out? Did you just have mild acne or moderate acne? Any pustules? are you in the uk? nah, i'm actually in the us
  16. Thanks Siphon. I would be doing the same regime as you. Question for you......how is it working out? Did you just have mild acne or moderate acne? Any pustules?
  17. Hello all! I just received my CSR order and although I'm excited to start I'm a little hesitant. I kinda want your advice. I've been using the Continuosly Clear Regime and have seen minimal results. Continuosly clear has cleared my acne on my chin, but now have acne on my cheeks. Should I just stop using my currently regime that i've been on for almost 3 months and start using CSR? Thank you in advance!
  18. Love, love, love emu oil. It has worked wonders on my skin, not to mention scarring. I would recommend it to everyone! Here's a link to a place that sells both australian emu oil and the mineral foundation for a great price. http://www.sheermiracle.com/mineral-makeup...t=15&page=1