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  1. The loreal pure zone foam, or mousse or whatever it is, is meant to be really gentle. It's gentle on me at least, but I don't have sensitive skin.
  2. I make my aspirin mask by crushing 4 aspirin as fine as I can get them, then mixing with a few drops of water to make a paste. I put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds as I find it helps the aspirin to dissolve better. Then I rub the paste over my whole face and leave it to dry. (Takes about 10 mins). Then I wash it off while rubbing my face as the little grains help to exfoliate. You can do a search on google, or on this forum probably, for aspirin mask, as it's quite popular. Hope tha
  3. I might give those acne relief tablets a look. They sound good. Are they expensive? I like using a S.A. cleanser. I use Garnier Pure - the scrub one with the micro beads. I'm certain that it's helped clear up my blackheads. I wash with it twice a day, and apply quinoderm 10 mins after, otherwise it'll sting, but I don't think I use as others. About 3 pea sized blobs for my whole face. If I miss a bit of my face, I'll get a spot there, so I'm careful not to miss any. I wait 5 mins and then moist
  4. False alarm sorry! I checked again this week and they had the night cream. The packaging of the two look so similar though
  5. Is this product discontinued? It's the best moisturiser I've ever used. I like it cuz it doesn't have mineral oil or parrafin in it. I just finished my tub so popped into superdrug for a new one. I've just looked at what I bought, and although it was in the same tub, it's a day cream, and contains paraffinum liquidum and paraffin ! ArgH! It's also thicker, and doesn't contain shea butter waste of money
  6. I think if you let it fully absorb before getting in to bed, and put your clothes on before applying it to your face you shouldn't have any problems with it bleaching things .. at least I haven't
  7. maybe I'm wrongfully blaming the jojoba oil. I thought it would be really good since I've heard such great things about it. Maybe I got poor quality oil? I got it from GNC... I kept the same cleanser and BP cream but used jojoba oil in place of my regular moisturiser. My cheeks got really dry, and my forehead got around 5 massive spots on it, which for me is a lot seeing as I usually get 1 at a time and they take turns as to which area they sprout in lol. I don't know if maybe I did something
  8. Don't know about all of the oils, but I bought jojoba and avocado oils recently, and used jojoba on my face as it was the lighter of the two but it made me break out like crazy. Avocado oil I have used on my body but I would say it is very greasy, at least for me. Jojoba oil dried my skin out too.
  9. I use the superdrug vitamin E night cream. I chose it over the day lotion because unlike the day lotion, it doesn't contain mineral oil (parafinum liquidum), which I think makes me break out. It's cheap, the scent is quite strong though but not "girly", and I don't notice it after it's sunk in. It doesn't make my face greasy at all, and did I mention it's cheap? Lol. It's not heavy like normal night creams it's really thin and sinks in easily. Bad thing: It doesn't contain SPF, being a night cre
  10. I've heard lots of things about it being good for clearing up acne etc, but oh well... I'm using it instead mixed with conditioner for my hair, and also after flat-ironing in place of anti frizz serum.
  11. Anyone else use jojoba oil? I tried it a few weeks ago as a moisturiser, over my quinoderm, and wow my face reacted badly! My forehead felt really bumpy and every day I got a new big deep spot, and my cheeks and eyes got really really dry. I've heard about initial breakouts, but I couldn't stand going on with the routine so I switched back to my Superdrug Vit E moisturiser and my skin cleared right back up. Anyone stuck with jojoba oil long enough to know if the initial breakout clears up?
  12. I remember not liking the simple oil control range. I also tried the simple "moisturising" foam wash, which made my face really dry after I washed. The best products for oil control I've tried are the garnier synergie pure ones. The moisturiser is good at mattifying. I stopped using it though as it would disagree with any foundation I applied afterwards. The garnier products by no means made me oil free but they were the best out of the mattifying products i've tried (simple, loreal pure zone,
  13. I used Quinoderm 5 for about 8 months, with good results, but as an experiment switched to Oxy on the Spot, and have been using it for about two months, but my forehead started getting so so spotty! Yesterday I couldn't take it anymore so went to boots and bought myself some good old quinoderm 5, and I must say, I can already see the difference! Of course my forehead isn't all clear, but it looks so much better than yesterday. Just wanted to say this, for all those who aren't too happy with Ox
  14. forgot to say - I use Rimmel clear complexion shine control powder over the No.17 foundation. I really like it. Only thing is it doesn't come in a nice compact with a mirror if you want to take it around with you.