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  1. Greetings everyone. Just sharing what I've learned over the past several years of trying to get well. Accutane damages the liver and kidneys primarily. Once the liver is damaged and the bile flow is impeded, the digestion is affected. When food is not digested properly, it ferments and putrefies in the intestinal tract, which is 30 feet long, by the way. This rotting food is absorbed into the lymphatic system, which congests it. Once the lymph becomes congested, that's where symptoms
  2. My top recommendations for anyone looking to overcome the long-term effects of Accutane: Read these books by Andreas Moritz and follow the advice as closely as possible (It's timeless Ayurvedic knowledge). 1) Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation 2) The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush (I recommend doing AT LEAST 15 of them to get all drug residuals out of the liver). Cleanse the intestines from top to bottom thoroughly with magnesium oxides (like OxyPowder, Colosan, etc.) Herbal
  3. Hi .. what have you done to feel better? Diet with no vitamin A works?

    1. yetanotheraccutanevictim


      diet with no vitamin A is not a cure.
      The cure will come from getting the drug out of your body.
      This is based on MANY months of research and suffering.
      I suggest delving deep into the recommendations I'm going to offer you below.
      *I'm not a doctor and am in no way offering medical advice.
      This is what I would do if I could start over.

      *Note that this dis-ease is serving a purpose for you. Will be hard to see now but it will reveal itself in time.

      My recommendations (in order):
      begin by learning how to do enemas

      once you learn how to do water enemas,
      learn to do coffee enemas. purelifeenema.com for bucket and SA wilson gold roast coffee. look up max gerson or nicholas gonzalez for info

      do AT LEAST 3 four-day colon cleanses (look up Tyler Tolman for info)
      6 thirty-day Richard Schulze bowel cleanses

      begin doing liver-gallbladder flushes
      Get Andreas Moritz 2012 amazing liver and gallbladder flush book for info
      Do at least 10 of them. Many are cured after they've done just a few but count on doing at least 10.

      *DON'T neglect the kidneys. I suggest doing proper kidney cleanses every 2 liver flushes.

      By this point, you will most likely be cured.
      If you aren't, begin researching proper use of:
      - MMS (chlorine dioxide) - genesis 2 church, jim humble, kerri rivera, andreas kalcker
      - Turpentine - dr jennifer daniels
      - ken presner zapper (hulda clark zapper)

      routines to work up to:
      Eat all meals mindfully. Chew thoroughly
      go to bed before 10pm each night (be asleep before 10pm)
      intermittent fast until 12pm every single day.
      water fast once a week
      water fast for 3 days straight at the end of every month
      Work up to a few longer fasts if possible. This is the key to getting the drug out of your body completely

      dietarily, the most important thing is eating LESS food and making it DIGESTIBLE.
      Disease is from toxicity or deficiency (or both) (can include emotional toxicities of course).
      Detoxifying from toxicity is MORE important than nutrifying the body.
      Focus on detoxing.

      These are the 3 keys to healing: (do all 3 simultaneously)
      Heal the emotions.
      Detoxify the body.
      Remove or kill all pathogens.

      other healing models i like:


      Nutrition: food, water, air, sunlight

      Lastly, enjoy the journey. This illness may radically transform your life for the better.


  4. Interesting about the iodine. Most likely you had infections in your joints (like mycoplasma) and the iodine killed them off. And parasites can slow down bowel motility allowing them to feast on your food for longer. That may be the cause of your constipation and bile issues. They crawl up into the bile ducts. VERY hard to eradicate them once they're setup in the liver and biliary system. Chlorine dioxide enemas are best for this as well as suppositories consisting of extracts of anti-microbia
  5. Each one of the remedies I shared has the potential to heal us completely by itself. However, EVERYONE here should be doing coffee enemas and liver-gallbladder flushes in addition to one other SUPER powerful therapy like turpentine or MMS, etc.. And colloidal silver is probably the weakest of the things I've shared but it's still excellent. Brand matters. It's not hit or miss tactics. Just do as many things as possible. Don't do ONE single thing like colloidal silver and hope to get well.
  6. MTHFR is overhyped. Biochemical polymorphisms are useless compared to epigenetic influences. Physics is the answer. Biochemistry / Biology is not a fundamental science. Physics explains why the chemicals of life do the things they do at the most microscopic levels. It's about the environment primarily, not your genes. Again, if someone here is suffering and has not tried MMS, turpentine from diamondgforestproducts, colloidal silver, urine therapy, or zapping, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Danny
  7. Don't take B complexes daily as it can feed infections. They use them as substrate for their metabolism. I'd take it once a week. If you eat plenty of raw vegetables, you get loads of B vits. And food-based forms of supplements are best. The ratios between nutrients, phytonutrients, minerals, trace elements, anti-oxidants, etc.. matters greatly. That's one of the reasons accutane messed us up so bad. It threw our fat-soluble "vitamins" ratio off. We need to get TONS of sunshine now to rebala
  8. Working on the liver is the key to restoring ANY area in the body. If you improve liver health, you improve gut health, brain health, eye health, toenail health, etc.. EVERYTHING. Please listen to my advice and focus all your attention on the liver, detoxification, and killing pathogens
  9. Conventional lab testing is almost useless. However, if your AST or ALT is higher than 12 IU/L, you have liver problems most definitely. If total bilirubin is higher than 1 mg/dL, you have liver problems most definitely. If indirect bilirubin is higher than 0.8 mg/dL, you most likely have liver problems. Sidenote: if Parathyroid Hormone is higher than 30 PG/mL, you are vit D deficient. I've done 16 liver-gallbladder flushes and many dozens of coffee enemas. I WILL NOT be able to heal
  10. SIBO testing is worthless. If you have SIBO, it's because of poor bile flow. Your liver is clogged if you have poor bile flow. Liver health determines gut health. Liver health determines overall health. Accutane can jump start a gluten intolerance because it messes up the liver. Parasites can cause a gluten intolerance. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1885068 Accutane messes up liver which results in poor gut health. Poor gut health results in poor immunity. Poor immunity allows parasi
  11. Thanks so much for sharing. Others please share your experiences if this is the case for you as well. A no-fat diet WILL NOT cure us. It will just temporarily prevent accutane from coming out of the liver into the intestines. The cure is liver-gallbladder flushing, coffee enemas, urine therapy or homeopathy, and eating plenty of pastured liver.
  12. You: I've noticed symptoms tend to worsen when I eat a lot of fat. It's like the accutane reactivates the days after. ------------ Me: Your symptoms get worse when you eat fat because that triggers bile to be released from your liver (along with stored accutane) and you reabsorb the bile as well as the accutane back into your body. Sea buckthorn oil is great for the eyes. " I'm forever grateful to this forum for helping me find the right method to treat my dry eyes. I was reading t
  13. Look into urine therapy (both enemas with urine and drinking it). Don't knock it until you've researched it. It's mainly for people who don't want to use homeopathy (energy medicine) and would instead like to use biochemical isopathy with physical substances in your urine. It is especially powerful for skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis. It's essentially isopathy with whatever is going wrong with your body at the time you excreted the urine. It's excellent. I'm going t
  14. Vitamin A turnover in the liver is increased when the liver stores of vitamin A are ample. When the vitamin A in the liver is low, turnover is decreased. In other words, we should ingest more vitamin A to hopefully turnover the accutane from the liver (if it's stored there, which it most likely is). I recommend eating pasture-raised liver (MUST be organic). http://www.evernote.com/l/AbGMGQeJc1hCZqTCDUUssR-t72jcD5-KIaA/