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  1. I was diagnosed with adult acne and given all sorts of rx creams lotions antibacterial pills. Ketaconazole Rx cream or Rx shampoo was given to me also. After trying so many things I discovered all I really needed was just OTC Nizoral Shampoo which has Ketaconazole in it. I use it on areas which have the bumps . For me the bumps were on my cheeks , forehead , sometimes the nose or eyebrows. I apply a tiny bit and rub the areas gently for 1 minute while i shower and then I rinse it off. So easy an
  2. Nizoral worked for my seborrheic dermatitis. I use it along my hair line, cheeks, forehead and I don't have any bumps now. No more itchy skin, red skin, The active ingredient ketaconazole was given to me as a rx shampoo and rx cream but they both didn't work as well as good ole OTC Nizoral Shampoo. Using it as a face wash a few times a week for last 9 months has not dried out my great clear skin. I don't use anything else in particular. Occasionally cetaphil lotion for winter dryness as needed.
  3. I tried all sorts of OTC and Rx . What helped me get rid of the multiple bumps on my forehead and cheeks was using Nizoral Ketaconazole a few times a week. Yes the shampoo as a face wash for just 1 minute gently rubbing and rinsing if all off in the shower. It was better than the rx shampoo and rx cream application. helped with the redness and seborrheic dermatitis for me.
  4. Yes I had tiny bumps along my hair line forehead later had some on cheeks. I used Ketaconzole (Nizoral Shampoo) to make the bumps and itchiness go away. I am clear now but still use it every 3 to 5 days if I feel like my skin is irritated again.