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  1. NeutralZoneTrap

    Ready for the game

    From the album: just me and my life

    For those of you who don't know, I play airsoft...a lot. I've invested quite a lot of money in gear and weapons. If you don't know what airsoft is, click the link provided above Just me at an airsoft game in September of 2005. It was a weekend thing, and I woke up 30 minutes before the photo was taken. I obviously slept in a bit so I had to rush to get my gear on and stuff breakfast down my throat in order to make it to the Game briefing at 9am.
  2. NeutralZoneTrap


    From the album: just me and my life

    Me, before going to an airsoft game. I look fucking ridiculous.
  3. NeutralZoneTrap

    My airsoft team

    From the album: just me and my life

    1st SFOD-NoVA We used the name 1st SFOD-DELTA, aka Delta Force, but altered the last part. NoVA = Northern Virginia, where we're located. SFOD = Special Forces Operational Deployment I'm in the bottom row, far left.
  4. From the album: just me and my life

    Fish and chips, bitch. Well, there is fish there, but it's not in the photo. Just some prawns (shrimp)
  5. NeutralZoneTrap

    "What are you looking at?"

    That makes me laugh, how much were you paid to say that? I never thought so, and I don't get tons of chicks.
  6. NeutralZoneTrap

    My airsoft team

    lol, I decided to give myself the title of Heavy Weapons Specialist. The kid with red hair, that's my friend Erich. He recently got an M249 SAW as well, so we stick together. I recently upgraded my SAW. It shoots at about 390fps, and the ranger is really nice. What big ass thing are you talking about? The green thing on the bottom is the box mag. The bronze things on top of that is just for decoration, it's a small strip of fake 5.56 rounds. Thanks =) Since I upgraded this thing, I can't
  7. NeutralZoneTrap

    Thrice/Underoath concert at 9:30 Club on 11/3/05

    lol, yeah, it was great. Two of my favorite bands at one show. I was on a 2nd floor balcony, literally 10 feet from the stage.
  8. From the album: just me and my life

    Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath
  9. From the album: just me and my life

    Steven (my cousin) and his new wife, Kristy Aww, aren't they adorable. That was the night I got really trashed. The reception/dinner was in a dining hall at a Hotel, and all the guests of the wedding had rooms in the hotel. I had 3 beers (some Australian beer) during dinner, then when my mom went upstairs to go to sleep (she goes to sleep early), and she told me not to drink too much, I had 5 more beers, and then I think maybe 6 or 7 Tequila Sunrises. I had one and loved it so I kept getting
  10. NeutralZoneTrap

    Exercise, hobbies

    yea...smoke a blunt but that combats pretty much anything Amen. I go to the gym and work out. I also play airsoft, which is a huge work out, I love the adrenaline and fun I get from it...I just love it, period.
  11. NeutralZoneTrap

    We're so weird

    I didn't really see thelegendreturn's post as insulting in any way. I mean, you can't help it if you're feeling depressed about something, but he makes some good points. Although, Tyler/Shanon did too. What I'm saying is that everyone is right.
  12. NeutralZoneTrap

    new member

    lmfao, how appropriate. Good job, man. Happy to help.
  13. NeutralZoneTrap

    new member

    Yeah or something worse... Like cream cheese, spit, and goat semen.
  14. NeutralZoneTrap

    new member

    The internet is serious business. Shanon is right though. Most of the time, don't take insults towards you seriously, and you'll realize how funny it is. You really shouldn't ever be upset over something that happens on message boards. But enjoy your stay, man.
  15. NeutralZoneTrap

    new member

    Well, like you said, accutane worked the first time for you. I've never had to use accutane because I've always had mild acne, so I don't know how it is, but obviously it works. I completely relate to the whole using a concealer (I think that's how I survived high school), and not going out if it's really bad, so I feel for you, man. It's a tough decision, but here's what I would do. I wouldn't stop using the Differin and monocycline or whatever you're on. Keep using it. If it gets better with
  16. NeutralZoneTrap

    7th grade hell

    I know I'm not you, but if I were in your position, I'd tell her to eat shit and die.
  17. NeutralZoneTrap

    7th grade hell

    I'm sorry to hear that. People can be horrible, especially kids when they get into groups, and I think most of us can relate to what you're saying. Just know now that you're not ugly no matter what, and that it's not your fault you have acne. If someone doesn't like you because of something stupid like acne, fuck them. They missed out on knowing a wonderful person, and they weren't worth your time. You're better than them, and karma will have its way with them soon enough, if it hasn't already.
  18. One on my left cheek, one above my left eyebrow, and one nearest my right eyebrow right between my eyes.
  19. NeutralZoneTrap

    My airsoft team

    Parents won't buy any for you then? Sucks. Did you want those links? It's good footage, I took it myself, and it's of the training that we just had. Everyone in the photo is in the videos.
  20. NeutralZoneTrap

    My airsoft team

    Why do you need to be 18? Parent rule or something? Because the kid with red hair (Erich) and the kid behind me (Dan) aren't 18. Erich is 17 and Dan is 16. The picture was taken at our team training on Sunday (21st of August). We have a team training once a month, on the 3rd Sunday of the month. I have some videos from the training too, I can give you some links if you want.