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Picture Comments posted by NeutralZoneTrap

  1. What are you, heavy artillery? What's that big ass thing on your gun?

    cool pic :dance:

    lol, I decided to give myself the title of Heavy Weapons Specialist. The kid with red hair, that's my friend Erich. He recently got an M249 SAW as well, so we stick together. I recently upgraded my SAW. It shoots at about 390fps, and the ranger is really nice.

    What big ass thing are you talking about? :| The green thing on the bottom is the box mag. The bronze things on top of that is just for decoration, it's a small strip of fake 5.56 rounds.

    Thanks =) Since I upgraded this thing, I can't use it indoors. I'm about to buy a new indoor gun, the M41 SAR Offizier


  2. Why do you need to be 18? Parent rule or something? Because the kid with red hair (Erich) and the kid behind me (Dan) aren't 18. Erich is 17 and Dan is 16.

    The picture was taken at our team training on Sunday (21st of August). We have a team training once a month, on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

    I have some videos from the training too, I can give you some links if you want.

  3. Hahaha, thanks, I guess. :|

    I think something got fucked up when I had it upgraded to shoot 400 feet per second. It shoots 390-400 fps, but not straight at all. I think the hop-up got messed up, because it really doesn't shoot that far.

    I need to try cleaning the barrel, and/or using a different grade BB. If neither work, then I'll consider putting money down to get it fixed again.

  4. Haha.

    I bruise easily. I just recently bought knee/elbow pads because when I kneel or go prone (lie down) on the ground at the indoor airsoft field I go to, I often kneel or rest my elbows on top of a BB on accident. That fucking hurts. :|

    The above picture is not a result of that. Although, the bruise from kneeling on a BB, especially on the knee, looks similar to the bruise nearest the center of the elbow in this picture.

  5. that is pretty sick. the masks, are they the same as paintball masks?

    It depends on which one you want to wear. The rentals at the field I go to are paintball masks. Most airsofters use mesh masks, because it won't fog up, the squares in the mesh are too small for BBs to go through, and you don't have to worry about paint getting in your eyes. I use a mesh mask, and no, it doesn't affect my vision. =) Half the time, I don't even notice that I'm wearing it.

  6. Is that airsoft? Im going to handle a real one pretty soon.

    'Tis, I'm afraid.

    When I turn 21 in January, I will be buying a real Glock, probably a 22 or a 22C.

    Enjoy the real-steel SAW. :|

  7. Coming from The Great Mandy herself, I'm honored. :dance:

    I think I see somebody's nose growing though. :dance::dance:

    You should definately try airsoft, it's a LOT of fun. I play indoors (aka CQB, as in Close Quarter Battle) mostly, but I won't turn down an outdoor game, as you can see from this picture.

    But you should go and play with some of your guy friends. Ask them if they go to any fields, and ask when the best day for beginners to go. That way you don't go on a day that is usually frequented by vets (at the indoor field I go to weekly, that day is Friday, and Sundays are the days when beginners usually go).

    It's a great workout, since you're constantly running around, and it's such an adrenaline rush (for me, anyway, haha).

    Don't be afraid though!

    If your guy friends play outdoors, don't get worried about it hurting. Although the FPS (feet-per-second) limits are higher (probably 400 for AEGs and 500 for snipers), many outdoor games have minimum engagement distances and even if you're shot from that distance, chances are that it'll hit your clothing instead of open skin, in which case you'll just feel the thud, not the pain. If it does hit open skin while outdoors, you'll obviously feel it, but it won't sting.

    However, indoors is different. Everything is very close quarters, and like outdoor games, there are FPS limits, although they are much less (300 - 330 is the norm for indoors). Because they're not outside (if it's the summer), they tend to wear long sleeves and have everything covered. Even then, depending on where it hits, a close spray will hurt, I won't lie about that. Obvious places are places that won't hurt as much are padded places like chest if you're wearing a vest.

    I tend to get hit on the fingers, arms, and thighs a LOT, for some reason. I also wear a paintball neck protector because I bit of a longer neck than most people. =/

    Anyway, like I said, if you want to do something, do it! =) Don't be afraid to do it just because it hurts. Plenty of girls play at the indoor field I go to. Find out from your friends what day is usually the most beginner-friendly, and ask them to go with you on that day. That way, you'll feel comfortable having your friends there, and knowing that some Rambo-wannabe vet isn't going to come running at you. :dance:

    By the way, my m249 SAW (pictured) is amazing. It makes the children cry for mommy. :|

    I'll post a picture of it in all its glory.

  8. Heh, thanks.

    I love Thrice, they're amazing. I saw them at Warped Tour last year, but unfortunately they're not at Warped Tour this year.

    Some other bands/artists that I like that you may or may not like:

    darkest hour, underoath, trivium, mc chris, metallica, senses fail, zao, from autumn to ashes, funeral for a friend, atreyu, rise against, brand new, mxpx, jimmy eat world, taking back sunday, lostprophets, deftones, chevelle, green day ("Dookie" only...after that album, it went downhill), copenger (my best friend Andrew plays bass guitar for them)