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  1. Yea I tried it as a toner for a while but it didn't really do much for me topically so Im guessing my acne is hormonal???
  2. I honestly recommend to STAY AWAY from the makeup. I think my biggest mistake in life was using makeup to cover up my redness and light mild acne. My skin only went downhill from there. I used to only have light breakouts on my forehead only but I noticed after I started using makeup I broke out in areas where I never broke out before like my cheeks and my jawline. My skin is somewhat under control now but now I have enlarged pores and pitted scars and hyperpigmentation. Whereas before I had smo
  3. I've been drinking a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar each morning on an empty stomach for a couple months now and I am definitely breaking out less. But I am worried it could have some bad effects in the long run. Like will it really affect the enamel on my teeth or mess up my stomach in any kind of way? If anyone else does this and can give me some answers I'd really appreciate it!!
  4. I heard illamasqua foundations have a good color range for lighter pale skin. I understand the struggle since most of the lightest foundations look orange or too pink for my skin :/
  5. Honestly I think moisturizer is pretty important. If anything I notice I get oily faster when I dont moisturize. If you dont like the greasy feeling you can use a mattifying primer before applying your makeup and that helps. Or you could kill two birds with one stone and use a moisturizing primer The only one I can think of off the top of my head is the korres greek yogurt primer. I suffer from dry skin in the winter and that primer has always been on my wish list. Its pricey but im sure you co
  6. I have always wanted to try this since I heard it helps your makeup apply on more smoother and look more "flawless" but I wouldn't want to irritate any active breakouts I have or pop them and cause scarring :/ But I would imagine that it could cause you to break out if you dont cleanse and exfoliate before.... also if you dont use a toner and moisturizer afterwards
  7. Olive oil! (: but make sure to use 100% pure extra virgin olive oil preferably organic and make sure its just straight up olive oil and its not mixed with any other oils. Also if it comes in a clear container its garbage so steer clear from those!! I personally use the brand pompeian and I believe it's around 4 or 5 dollars for a 16 fl oz bottle
  8. I've only tried the benefit porefessional and I can say it helps somewhat but its no miracle product either. But I notice if i use the porefessional first and then the hourglass veil mineral primer that helps quite a bit with my pitted scars and my pores. The hourglass primer is expensive so I use the 18 dollar mini size which lasted me about 2 months since I wear makeup everyday. Im down to scraping the sides of the bottle already lol. But seriously this combination is amazing. As for the other
  9. Definitely rimmel stay matte! They have translucent and I believe about 4 color shades if you want extra coverage. Its only about 4 or 5 dollars at the drugstore and its a good amount of product for the price. Haven't noticed any breakouts from it either.
  10. Definitely maybelline dream pure bb cream!!! Its helped my skin alot and actually has pretty good coverage if your acne is light to moderate. I used to use almay but I noticed after I stopped using it I actually broke out less. Neutrogena always just looked horrible on my skin and didn't really do anything for it either. The maybelline bb cream is about half the price of the neutrogena and almay and you get the same amount of product for less so I would definitely give it a try. Hope everything
  11. Ok so i've always had breakouts on my neck/jawline but they've never been this bad before. It seems like I can keep the acne on my face somewhat under control but my neck won't budge. As for treatments, I've been using olive oil to take off my makeup and its helped my face a lot and I use the aztec clay mask with apple cider vinegar once a week and the mint julep mask as a spot treatment. For makeup I use the maybelline dream pure bb cream with 2% salicylic acid and that's helped my face as well