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  1. I just wanted to post my success story for others to see so that they can have faith that the drug will work even though at times during my course i was getting worse and worse. Results really started to kick in on day 85 or so. So stick in there. I have been taking daily left, right, center pics so if people need more encouragement I can send you some pics. I sincerely hope no one has to deal with acne! My one advice to people who want to take it, do it!! Not just for vanity, but so yo
  2. Cool! I've been taking taurine (powdered Musashi brand) for a few days now. Also a B-complex with it when i remember. I'm not going to comment on the results until a month or so. How long did it take for you to know that it was working? I also take cod liver oil.
  3. Hi Kelly! I'm in Sydney too and would like to try Taurine, which brand are you using and where do you purchase it? Cheers!
  4. Hello Everyone, I was skimming the past 5 pages so I apologize if this theory has been proposed. I went to a Chinese Doctor last week and had my acne treated and during the consulation I asked why some people get acne and others do not. Now, this Chinese Doctor I saw was like the real deal, he had long white hair, robes etc. etc. He looked at my tongue, took my pulse reading and knew exactly what conditions I had (Poor appetite, inability to gain weight, poor sleep, etc. etc.). Anyways t
  5. Hello! Yes, I've done this too. Took tons of supplements (one of which was 2 x 10,000IU Vit A / Day) and started breaking out in places I normally would not......
  6. Hi Yankulove, I was just wondering how is this coming along for you? Himalay's Neem tablets (2/day) and Himalay's Purim tablets (2/day) - started on 02 September 2008
  7. Thanks so much guys. This is what I've done.... I've stopped all supplements and just focused on eating sensibly. Things will calm down and get to normal then I can work on supplements etc. do you guys think this could be the dreaded candida die-off or something similar where my body is purging all the toxins from my body before being clear for good?
  8. Thanks LiliVG.... The thing is, I feel like my body is actually responding to these supplements, my face is actually clear except for that one BIG red node thingy (which isn't even the acne I normally get). The type of acne I get is changing....no more whiteheads, just these large red nodey things and all over my body, not just my face...before was just my face...So strange. Will have to experiment more to see what works for me.... Will stop all supplementation till I return to normal and wor
  9. THank you guys for your response. I am so confused, I want to eat healthy get better etc....but just don't know why even when I'm doing that I'm getting acne in weird weird places. This morning when I woke up there was a red inflammation on my hand! Never has that happened before. And I have one huge red lump on my upper lip....very ugly..... SHould I just stop all supplementation and eating like a normal person?...... I'm trying to follow Antony's advice and eat all this supplements
  10. Please help... I've been on a quest to cure my moderate acne via nutritional means for about 2 months now. I did the 3 day apple fast followed by the olive oil / lemon juice concotanation about 2 months ago. Result: Olive oil mixture caused a big red rash on my chest but the 3 day apple fast calmed down my acne. Following the apple thing, I started eating healthy. Only chicken breasts, salmon, ocean trout and salads followed by supplementation. The rash died down and my face and body star
  11. All I can say is: Follow the regime buy Dan's book and make it the second most important book on your bookshelf. The first one of couse being the bible
  12. Background -> Perfect skin ages from 0-16 Acne started at 16. Thought it would go away. It DIDN'T Got progressively bad, tried nearly EVERYTHING to clear it NOTHING Worked What worked -> Dan's Regime. Sort of. Using it the right way HELPS! First week using Dan's regime had SIGNIFICANT results But not Perfectly clear. 100% clear -> Points
  13. Now that purpose is discontinuing my favourite mousturizer to go with Dan's regime, what is the best alternative? I tried Neutrogena's AHA+SPF 15 mosturizer but did not like it as much as it stung my skin. Any suggestions guys?