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  1. hi James! how's your skin these days? was v-beam effective for you? also, i'm thinking of getting IPL but am unsure if that is suitable for people of asian origin. I'm not particularly dark skinned, though - relatively fair for somebody of south asian origin. Do you know anthing about this? Thanks
  2. what's worked for me is 7 minutes on each side and 5 minutes front. i also use BP afterwards. completely cleared my acne
  3. hey! been using BSL since June 1st and it's completely cleared me up. i'm 23 now and have had acne since i was 14 and this is the only thing that's worked for me. i find that doing roughly 7 minutes on each side and 5 minutes face on works best for me. I follow this up with BP. i find the combination of BSL with BP completely keeps the acne away. even better, my red marks seem to be fading too, slowly but still fading . i'm thinking about applying a cream that fades red marks over the BP. Hop
  4. I'd definitely recommend it. like you, i'd tried various things, that never worked. Light therapy has DEFINTELY worked for me. I personally bought a Beauty Skin Light from amazon for £170, but if you don't want to pay that, you could try ebay where you can buy hand held lights for around £25. Personaly i'd go with the Beauty Skin Light. with the other, you'd spending way too much time using it. one 15 minute session will do with the BSL
  5. I got mine off amazon, from the seller: Androv Medical http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dr-Kern-942452-Bea...2932&sr=8-1
  6. Hey Amyxx, i'd definitely recommend it. i've been using it for around 7 weeks now, and my skins the best it's been in around 9 years. I find for me it's worked best when used with benzoyl peroxide (small amount). I barely get any new spots now, so may drop the BP for another cream to help my red marks, which is my main problem at the momemt, but the BSL seems to be helping with that, too. as for the price, i paid around £170 for the BSL, but it's been worth every penny ...the lights th
  7. Hey! the face of the lamp is 10 x 9inches. i'd recommend buying this. i've had acne for nearly 9 years and this is the first thing that's actually worked. been using this for nearly two weeks, and i've had about a handful of spots when usually i'd have dozens. no exaggeration. hopefully things continue to improve.
  8. Hi! I recieved my BSL yesterday and had my first session. is it sufficient to do just one 15min session seeing as i have acne on both cheeks, chin, nose, forhead...PRETTY MUCH EVERYWHERE or would i be better doing 5-10min of facing towards the light and and then another 5-10min on each side? Thank you!
  9. Hi! i've decided to give light therapy ago since no orals or topicals have worked. i found this Zenu Skin Light from ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SKIN-LAMP-RED-BLUE-L...%3A1%7C294%3A50 like others they recommend 15 minutes use a day but because its hand held i can only use it on a particular part of my face at any one time. i have active acne on both cheeks, nose, chin...pretty much everywhere is that 15 minutes for each affected area or can i use it for just 5 minutes for each area then move
  10. how much did you pay?...i heard it costs £100+ per session
  11. Hey! my GP said that i might want to try Nlite as the oral and topical meds haven't worked (apart from miniocycline but it caused hairloss). Has anyone had any success with this? what are your general opinions on it? Thanks!
  12. when i was on mino 4 years back i began to lose hair BADLY...still thin on top the real kick in the teeth...it's the only thing that ever worked...now i'm spotty and bald but, i'm glad you're better
  13. - definitely drink the tea...really good for you - pat/rub on your face - it won't stain (not in my experience) i did this for a week or two quite a few months back. i'd rub the bag all over my face and feel it tighten. then i'd wash it off hours later. their might have been an improvment but i stopped after i changed my routine.
  14. did my second peel last night for just over 2 minutes. i've experienced no peeling and other effects. can'y really tell much difference to my skin. is this normal?...i always thought the benefits came with the peeling