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  1. You will probably have some slight atrophic scars afterwards but trust me the redness makes them look 1000% worse. Mine looked like yours, actually redder, and so they appeared like deep pits. But once the redness was gone I could barely see any even in close-ups.
  2. First two photos are from a few years ago, and you can definitely see depressed scars on her lower cheeks. They seem to have disappeared or at least significantly lessened since. The last two photos are from 2019/2020. I’d say the improvement on her scars is quite impressive. What kind of treatment do you think she might have received?
  3. Are you suggesting that I give phenol another try? I just don’t want to risk widening my scars again... also is1-2mm considered deep/noticeable? If that’s the case I probably gave the wrong number. I meant the doctor said I just need treatment that penetrates 1-2mm into my skin, as opposed to microneedling that goes up to 3mm.
  4. Had Rullan’s trio package a few months ago. I don’t think the CROSS did much for my quasi boxscars. I call them quasi because the edges aren’t super defined, but they aren’t icepicks or rolling either, so boxscars are the closest thing to what I have. My question is - what other treatments should I try next? I don’t want to try TCA/phenol CROSS again. I actually think phenol widened my scars a teeny bit. Should I try some laser or some kind of needling? I’m quite risk averse now after CROS
  5. I would say at the least my scars haven’t had any noticeable improvements from the CROSS. Maybe a bit widening/deepening but it’s hard to say for sure. Kinda bummed out by the outcome
  6. It means a patient who only needs treatment on, say, their cheeks, would feel ripped off if they had to pay the same amount as another patient who receives treatment on their entire face. You can replace cheeks vs entire face in my example with knees vs face + knees. Price differentiation is just the terminology for the kind of pricing strategy you've described. In reality your doctor might have established a pricing menu, i.e. a treatment price for each area of your body/face of which
  7. Price differentiation so that customers who only needs one area treatment wouldn't feel like they were getting ripped off for paying the same amount for less work. Bay Area is also just expensive in every way possible.
  8. Dude I have the same experience with phenol cross. I wrote in a post about observing a few scars appearing deeper/wider. Could you elaborate on changes to your scars in response to the treatments you've received?
  9. Did he examine your scars in person? He (and us here on the forum) will have a better evaluation of your scars when presented dynamically (to be able to see and feel the tethering underneath, etc., and how the appearances of scars change as the soft tissues move)
  10. I agree. If your scars are shallow and you are not comfortable with TCA CROSS, try other resurfacing methods first. Although indentations following acne and consequent scabs might just be from acne and its inflammation destroying the collagen and other tissues, and the scabs are just some innocuous byproduct of your acne, not the cause of your scars. I have very shallow scars myself, so I'll let you know how they respond to phenol cross in a few months in case you're still open to cros
  11. I did my fair share of research on dermatologists in the Bay Area, went to see a dermatologist that someone on the forum had reported having successful treatment with, and came back feeling uncertain about going forward with said dermatologist for a few reasons. (I can pm you the name if you want.) I ended up seeing Dr. Rullan and am really glad that I went with him instead. Professional and personable. Well worth the money + travel.
  12. I used to have some persisting redness and laser/phenol cross made it disappeared l. I’ve recently started suctioning and now the treated area has become blotchy and red again and it’s not the kind of temporary redness that goes away after 24 hours. Do others experience this after suctioning? And how long did it take for your redness to disappear after stop suctioning? I was thrilled when the lasting redness was gone and I don’t want this new redness to stay on my face again this time.
  13. EGF in skincare products is a hoax. It needs be to stored as freeze-dried powder or in very low temperature to remain efficacious. Point is EGF doesn't remain effective for long when in every day skin care products. Even if it did somehow miraculously "survived", the molecules are too big to penetrate through your skin barrier, which is why people like to use it in conjunction with microneedling, which manually creates some kind of "channels" into the skin for EGF molecules to be delivered.
  14. This is my first time. Have you noticed the scars getting wider in your previous sessions? If so, did they eventually get better?