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  1. Say, could you please show me how to put pictures in the gallery section?and is that you dam ur fine!!just HIT-Me-UP!!

    1. ..::Why::..


    2. ..::Why::..

      When Did You Start Getting Acne?

      yeah i hear you. but...we gotta go on ya know? no sense in getting depressed cuz it will just destroy our lives forever. I suppose you're right. Thanks.. It's nice to know you're not alone in this war against acne. I don't know anyone other than myself irl that has acne and it's somewhat comforting to see others who feel just as bad as I do.
    3. ..::Why::..

      When Did You Start Getting Acne?

      First when I was 15, recovered by age 20.... now I'm 23 and it's started all over again.. So depressed I don't even have the will to get up and go to work, which in turn means I will not be able to pay my bills, all because of my skin.. I despise myself..