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  1. Mary08102013

    1 month post Accutane

    Scarring is fading, as well as red spots. I only have the occasional "breakout" of teeny tiny little guys. Going to start an antibiotic to maintain. Overall, VERY HAPPY 😊
  2. Mary08102013

    Month 4 on Accutane!

  3. Mary08102013

    First Week

    Growing up, my older sister used to have acne. Being a younger sibling, it was my duty to pick on her. However, I never realized just how hurtful some of the things I said (especially about her acne) must have been. When I hit puberty at 11...BOOM. Hello little friends whom live on my face. It was mortifying to go to school, or out with my family. Kids would be extremely cruel. Just as I was with my sister... Until I realized how it felt to be laughed at and told you're gross. By the time hi
  4. Mary08102013

    1 Year And 4 Months Post Accutane

    So gorgeous! All I saw in those pictures was a beautiful, confident lady
  5. Mary08102013

    First day with Isotretinoin!

    I'm on 60mg a day. Hoping for the best! xxoo