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    tennis, music, movies, books and many others :P
  1. Come back sooooon!

  2. I understand. I'm glad you're doing well. =D

  3. Aw, I miss ya. :(

  4. Salut! :D Si eu am o gramada de chestii de invatat pt examene. Abia astept sa se termine stresiunea :) De aceea nu prea am mai dat pe aici. Dar o sa revin dupa sesiune, aia e sigur :) Bafta si tie la examene si mai vorbim dupa ;)

  5. Ana! Ce mai faci? Eu sunt ingropata in cursuri de citit pentru examenele astea afurisite :( Mult succes la examene! Poate faci si tu click pe chat sus dupa sesiune, e super acolo :)

  6. Well, best of luck on your exams. Take care. =D

  7. Oh, I see. I understand. Yeah, I was like, "Where is my haircare consultant?" lol!

    I have math I need to be working on and complete by March 15th. =/ But I think I can do it. lol

  8. Where have you gone? :(

  9. love your new hair color. glasses are cool too :D

  10. Sorry to hear that Adam. I really don't think you're unattractive or something, on the contrary. And I bet you have a great personality. So screw that girl if she couldn't see the best in you. I'm sure you'll find the right girl for you, who will appreciate you. Just be confident and keep your head up
  11. I guess your right, whats the worst that can happen? She gets her big brother after me or something. Time to be a man for once.
  12. I'm sure he still remembers you. Maybe he has a good reason for not keeping in touch with you... What does your mother say about this? Have you ever talked to her about it? Maybe it will help. Or maybe you could get his address or phone number and just go to him yourself.
  13. La Multi Ani si tie! Sa ai un 2007 plin de bucurii! ;)

  14. Bine ai revenit si La Multi Ani :)