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  1. I woke up OK - slightly pink... I survived. I'm calmer now. It was REALLY bad. Just a word out - definitely DILUTE & SPOT TEST before going full face
  2. I finally tried that vinegar treatment that is talked about here so much and within SECONDS my skin started turning BRIGHT RED and burning like I just put pure acid on my face. I have NEVER had a reaction to anything like this in my life - I have been on every strength of retin A, BP up to 20%, differen, sulfur, retin-A micro, azalex, erythromycin topical, you NAME it - NEVER had a reaction like this. OH MY GOD. I don't even know if I should go to the ER right now because my entire face is
  3. Thank you to all of your advice. I have made a list of what everyone has told me & read about. Some stuff I have never heard of though...so I am not sure how to obtain it. I was wondering if people knew the answers to the following: Mandelic Acid Peel - - Who applies this? A derm, plastic surgeon, or aesthetician? - Are there different strengths? What are the %s and can I get some strengths at the drugstore and others at the derm? - Which would work best? Low strength over a
  4. ok obviously the lighting caused some issues ...i put my face ON the scanner - i dont have nose hairs that stick out like that in reality - but when smushed up against the platen glass - that's how they look...and also this is magnified 10x. but thanks for the tip about clipping them...actually, my nose doesn't even look like that ski jump thing in the pic - it was bc of the lighting and having to lay my face on the scanner... ugh who cares. my skin looks great according to yall so I shou
  5. Thanks Julian - i agree it's not one of the bad cases that are on here a lot. It is technically an accutane "success story" I guess. Do you notice how the holes/pores are very visible in the middle and not on the left and right of my forehead? I'm just trying to find something that will make my whole forehead smooth. It looks more uneven in person really. My nose is full of blackheads / big pores too. And of course, I am my own worse critic. Oh - also some browsers shrink the image bc
  6. I was told this destroys collagen and that my pores / scars would ultimately get worse though the tan may make it appear smoother for the time being... I know I will get wrinkles long term from tanning, but as far as scars go - is there any truth to this? Thank you! (This is my last Q for today - I appreaciate all your help)
  7. I used a neutrogena "pore reducing" moisturizer for about a week and my skin looks really bad. Is this bc it cleared away all the surface skin and now I'm seeing the "real deal"? I will keep using the stuff if it works in the end, but now I look like crap. It has glycolic acid in it. It is called Healthy Skin Face Lotion... and I use it after washing with Loreal "Ideal Balance Cleanser". I used to just wash with cetaphil, but I am sick of my skin looking like an orange peel... And when I u
  8. Hey everyone - I have done some reading on here and this seems like a great board. You all seem to have a ton of knowledge. I was wondering what you thought I could do. I went on accutane 6 yrs ago and tho it cleared up my acne, my skin never really healed. I still have "rolling" scars and huge pores where the acne used to be (mid forehead is really bad). The sides of my forehead are smooth bc I never really had acne thre... but a lot of my skin is like an orange peel. I it. It seems