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  1. Wow I had actually never heard of coconut oil helping with that but that's a really great tip. Thanks :) Yet another couple of great tips.
  2. So at this point, my skin has cleared a lot thanks to diet and I don't have nearly as many pimples as I did before. I'm considering finally eliminating BP from my regimen. I've noticed as of late that the pimples I still have are in places that become rather dry due to the BP. Any suggestions as to elements I could add to my regimen to replace the BP. I need something to reduce my oil (biggest issue) and spot treat/prevent pimples without completely trying my skin out. Also, I was thinking
  3. This is a much deeper question than whether or not bread causes acne. For me, the gluten in wheat causes acne. If you're finding that your skin breaks out even moreso after you eat bread, perhaps you have the same problem.
  4. The wikipedia definition is a pretty good one. I also found this one to be quite helpful: "Technically speaking, gluten is the general name for "prolamins" (also referred to as "prolamines"), a protein fraction found in a variety of grains. The prolamins that cause damage to people with celiac disease include gliadin (found in wheat), secalin (found in rye), and hordein (found in barley). People often refer to gliadin as the offending part of gluten, and it is-for wheat. But secalin and horde
  5. I think a recipe section that is sorted into different categories based on different diets. For example, vegetarian, vegan, non-gluten diets, etc. The hardest thing for me right now is finding really yummy recipes that are like normal foods, but incorporate things like rice flour instead of wheat flour.
  6. This is something has come up in a lot of threads and I think people have a misconception when they hear "healthful foods." The best example is wheat. Wheat contains gluten, which is a very common acne aggrivator. Wheat is a very healthful grain/carbohydrate, for those who are not acne prone. However, for people like myself who have acne due to diet, gluten is HORRIBLE for the skin. Ever since I cut that out of my diet, as well as dairy, my skin has improved drastically. Try taking just
  7. I too have dark hair (I'm half "black" Irish) and so I constantly have to shave and remove random, dark hairs from around my body. I've been taking BC for about 5 years so my menstruation cycles are normal. As for symptoms, are you asking about acne symptoms? If so, the only symptom I have is facial acne itself. I don't think I have excess body oil or anything. I think the major cause of my acne is internal. I keep my face very clean so it's obviously not that. I've changed my diet an
  8. So I bought a Vitamin C serum from Kiss my Face and read last night that L ascorbic acid is the only form of Vitamin C which is effective in reducing red marks. I emailed Kiss my Face because their product does not include L ascorbic acid. I will post my questions to the company as well as their response. I am very pleased and will continue to use their product! My questions I have a question about the Vitamin C serum. I just purchased it today and I definitely have to compliment the smell
  9. What does your diet contain? This is kind of a typical day: Breakfast: Non-wheat cereal with soy milk and either blueberries or a banana on top OR Eggs and non-wheat toast with apple butter and fresh fruit Lunch: Some sort of vegetables or fruit Try to incorporate some protein in there somewhere Dinner: Thai food with tofu OR Sauteed vegetables with tofu OR Fish with vegetables Snacks: Non wheat/gluten/dairy/egg chocolate chip cookies Fruits Nuts Veggies Then all
  10. What do you guys think of Vitamin C serum? I read somewhere that L absorbic (?) acid is the only type that absorbs into the skin, but I bought some today at the PCC (organic co-op in Seattle area) that is made by Kiss my Face. Should I return it for something different? It says the Vitamin C source is Ester C and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. Perhaps Ester C is this forum of Vitamin C... I don't know. I'm lost. Thanks!
  11. These are vegetables like dark lettuces (romaine, etc.) and spinach. Kale and mustard greens are also really healthful dark, green, leafy vegetables.
  12. Wow that's intense. Do you know what the sludge was? Did you do anything to help alleviate the side effects of it, other than drink more water?
  13. So this isn't acne related, but I know a few of you on here and very knowledgable when it comes to the liver/gastrointestinal system. A week ago now, I changed my diet and everything has been going really well! My stomach has felt a lot better, my skin has cleared up really well, and everything's been great! Well, this evening, no so great. I'm sorry if this is totally gross, but I have really bad diarrhea and it seems that from what I can tell, I'm finally getting rid of food from days ago.
  14. I'm going to have to take a guess and say only douchewads would even use that word. You are nothing but a cynical troll on this forum and take pleasure in constantly criticizing those who post here. You need to find a new hobby...
  15. That is really awful. Did you tell your boyfriend how that made you feel? Maybe you should... He should know when he says things that hurt your feelings.
  16. Every person is different... It just depends on your skin's sensitivities. It's worth a try and if it does make you break out, then drop it.
  17. Well it's not so much soy that bothers me cause soy doesn't make me break out. It's the wheat that is often included in soy sauce. I'm pretty sure the currys are ok though
  18. Since I decided to restrict my diet, I've been eating a lot of Thai food. However, it didn't even occur to me until last night that a lot of Thai food is probably cooked with soy sauce. Does anybody know this for sure? I LOVE Thai food and would hate to have to cut that from my diet as well. Thanks!
  19. Wow... That's pretty crazy about the rose. Hm, this is all pretty interesting. I wonder what the significance is of the pyramid in particular and how the ancient Egyptians got it so right!
  20. What is an eating disorder anyway? It's something that is defined by the majority of the medical establishment and so-called experts of what is proper to eat and what isn't. You shouldn't compare what the majority does because in the end, you should eat how you want to get the results that you want. So I guess we can stop considering bulimia an eating disorder. Those stupid doctors, giving us the idea that purging our food is a bad thing. I'm going to call my sister now and tell her
  21. Sounds like it is probably a mental effect, but if it causes you to have all of those experiences and improves your acne, why not??
  22. I just wanted to say that my skin has cleared drastically in the last 4/5 days since I changed my diet. No new zits and current zits are healing MUCH more quickly. The look of my skin has really improved and I'm very happy. I just cross my fingers that it's not temporary! Now I just need to figure out if it's the wheat/gluten, dairy, or caffeine that causes my acne, though I'm really afraid of testing these things simply because I don't want to break out again! I suppose I have no reason to
  23. I'm not sure exactly. However, I cut wheat/gluten/dairy out of my diet and my skin is clearing really well. I didn't cut sugar out, but I have a sneaking suspicion I'm a carb type anyway seeing as all I crave is carbs and too much protein makes me sick. So I think I'm ok with sugar! I'll let you know in a few more days if this still remains the case.