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  1. I havent been on these boards in ages. I originally posted that I was sick of not living my life, that I needed to get out there and beat the psychology aspects of acne. I have been pretty clear ever since. Life has been way better and I have been 100 times happier. A positive mindset is key to beating acne. Stay happy. Dont let appearance kill you. Just try. Tell your acne to F-OFF. Heres a picture of my decently clear skin. I am the guy. From time to time I get a pimple, but rarely on my face.
  2. I posted a couple of months ago on my struggle with life itself and how acne was obtaining control of my mind, how i was losing the love i had from my family, girlfriend, and friends because I was a complete asshole. My goal was to think positive. I am now 95% clear, no actives. Quantum physics plays a big role. Basically our brains emit energy that flows through our body and out, a magnet in a way. I can only graze the surface of quantum or else I will be typing a book on here. This is very
  3. For 8 months I have been feeling depressed and lately for the last two alot. Everyday, and not just about acne, I was the most unhappy person ever, and I could not find happiness in anything. Part of the problem was my constant stress and worrying, all these myths again not just about acne but about everything, like how sucralose causes cancer or acne causes sex. I realized that im losing everything I have, and last night I realized that, it took the love of my life to show me, my girlfriend who
  4. OK well, i suffer from an oily forhead and t-zone, and lately theres two things i have done that basically get me through the whole day without much oil. Number one, i started taking claritin 2 weeks ago and noticed around the same time that my oil production went down, not sure if this has anything to do with it..maybe coicidence since im still taking it and i had a breakout last night and my oil went up a little. So heres what actually helps, call me crazy but dont eat as much, limit yourself
  5. OK well. I am using a topical Clindoxyl, 5% Bp and 1% clindamycin. Ive noticed when i used it, mostly on my forehead at night there is no oil when i wake up. My forehead gets pretty oily during the day so I decided yeterday to apply some on my forehead during the day aswell, once keeps the oil away. Is there any problems into doing this?
  6. Ok well, does applying aloe vera gel cut down on the amout of oil that will show through the day? I heard applying a small bit after washing in the morning will absorb alot of the oil.
  7. well my dad had it until he was 17 or so, he had it 2 years. My mom had it until she was 16. I am turning 16 soon, and I've had it since 12 or so. so i beleive mine will end soon, especially since Im not growing any taller, and I have a beard. Shaving at 15... and this year i grew to 6 feet from about 5'9. so this year was hormone crazy, and i think im done growing.
  8. Well, it seems my acne is blackheads, or not even, small bumps when squeezed a very solid yellow substance comes out, very solid. Its kinda fucked up because there small but they totally eff up how your face looks and actually look pretty bad. They screw the texture up and they're very very noticable. Well thats my forehead, oily and that, lots of those. And now my shoulder blades and upper arms have that too. I'm curious if anyone can relate, there small red bumps, or sometimes can have no colo
  9. yea. well im like thinking just wash twice a day. its like little red bumps, and occasionally ill get a pimple. once a week maybe.
  10. Well i have mild acne, forehead and jaw line. basically just black heads, very few white heads. Oily forehead and t zone half way throughout the day. I was previously on Steivamycin, but now he quickly looked at me, and said here Clindoxyl. Im really scared. The biggest downfall on the reviews is how you break out once you stop. I want acne to eff off and leave. Forever. I dont want to stop using this product once my skin is clear in a year thinking, well maybe its gone then get all depressed ag
  11. well the deep clean soap is made from salicylic acid. and i used to use it last year and never did i have small bums on my forehead, it did a good job
  12. well, my forehead is blackhead central, little tiny bumps and yes its quite annoying. I dont have flared acne, or big pimples, but this makes my forehead look pretty bad. tiny bumps that make it feel rough. it also gets oily throughout the day. but just my forehead. my back is the same, upper arms are blackheads, and small red bumps. im wondering whohas the same problem, lots and lots of blackheads and small bumps. anything else i can add to my regime wake up, wash with neutroena deep clean
  13. Well i have been using steivamycin for around 3 years now. First two were amazing. So good, now I find my forehead oilier, and my upper arms pretty bad. And now ass pimples? whattt. The biggest issue I have is the redmarks it leaves, holy shit, they never go away, retin a helps with pimples, but honestly my main issue is black and white heads. And it makes them very very very red, and i think it might be affecting the oil on my forehead quite a bit. Who else uses Retin A and what exactly do y
  14. diet does not cause oily skin.