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  1. I'm a little down tonight. I recently stopped wearing any makeup at all, only on a day or two when I'm really in the mood or something, but basically none at all. Water only, I wanna keep to that as much as possible, but I feel like people are talking behind my back. I'm pretty sure a few are... I tell myself "whatever, just live and be happy" but some days it's rough. I know there are much bigger problems inthe world so I feel silly concentrating so much on this tiny one, but it still sucks. Wh
  2. I wore a little CoverGirl pressed powder today and I'm wondering if either my Zum Goats Milk Soap Bar or Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Face Wash are good enough for makeup removal? I don't wear that much makeup, just a little to spot cover so I don't think I need a full-on makeup removal cleanser. Any thoughts on how well either of these products removes makeup would be appreciated. =)
  3. Wow I read the whole thing too. While it may be biased and contain some untrue points, it's still good to be informed on sides and opinions. But boy would I hate arguing with this lady. She sounds like one of those if-there's-no-research-then-it's-not-true kind of people.
  4. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but my breakouts seem to be less severe when I don't use the finishing powder, so about 2 weeks ago I stopped using it altogether. Just a thought to try out for others too. The finishing powder doesn't seem like a big necessity for me anyhows, I just used it cuz it was part of the routine. Plus now when I reorder it'll save money. I ordered Signature Minerals and have been trying it out for a few days, but either I got a color that's too light, or it really just
  5. Is there a such thing as becoming dependant on ACV? I wanna start using some for my redmarks, but I'm afraid that eventually when I stop using it I'll go through another initial breakout. PS. On April 1st I hit the 6 month mark. =) Still coming along, slowly but hopefully surely. My skin is a LOT smoother and only a few zits here and there. However, darrrrn these redmarks!
  6. Hi there! I decided to drop by cuz I saw your user icon and thought "There's no way this person has acne" so it interested me to read your log. What a journey it has been too! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing much better lately and I really hope you continue to get clearer and clearer, especially after all you've been through.
  7. Some people do use aloe vera as their one and only moisturizer. I did for awhile but after a few weeks it actually dried me out a little and did more soothing than actual moisturizing. (It can be used for mosquito bites and other skin irritations like that)That was about 3 months ago and since then I haven't used it at all just because I'm at the point of this water-only thing where I'm looking to blame any product for my breakouts so I'm trying to use as little as possible.
  8. How come you stopped proactiv? Was it getting too expensive? Haha I can relate to that. Anyways I know you're probably tired of suggestions and things to read, but have you ever tried doing nothing? As in water only. A mild soap and some moisturizer if needed but basically nothing. Sounds crazy I know but if you think it's worth the read then check out the links in my signature. =)
  9. Thank you for posting! I just hit the 2 month mark and my spirits have been a little low lately with all the recent breakouts and continuous winter dry skin. Hearing that you're on your 5th month and coming along nicely really encourages me. =) About a month ago I too started going No Poo and it went great like I only needed to wash every couple days instead of everyday and the minimal acne on my head went away. But I was using just baking soda so after two weeks it left a white residue. Now I m