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  1. It's a chicken-egg question. Does oily skin prevent skin from aging? Or does aging decrease sebum production, and similarly, does younger skin tend to produce more sebum? And then there is the aesthetic factor. Oily skin looks more dewy and younger -- and since skin is skin-deep, it doesn't matter what's going on in the cellular level. If oily skin makes you look younger, then yes, oily skin does at least give the appearance of aging less. Furthermore, oily skin is an example of a active
  2. People who are on the drug don't like to hear about the bad stuff. I don't see how it's trolling for users to post their bad experience. This is a serious drug and shouldn't be taken without lots of thought. The booklet that you're given to read lists the side effects, but it's definitely not the same as hearing an actual person's experience. Again, accutane is still not completely understood scientifically. It's very possible that it has side effects that we don't yet know about or are un
  3. I'm not saying you should. Just saying that many of us who suffer side effects avoid fish oil like the plague, as we react very poorly to it. So you might want to experiment. You're saying I should avoid Fish Oil?
  4. It's not cut and dry, but I suggest you to experiment with the fish oil. Many of us find that fish oil exacerbates the side effects, partly because fish oil acts on the same receptors as accutane. (type 2 nuclear receptors) good luck!
  5. It's fine. Some doctors prescribe first 15 days of the month, let the patient rest 15 days. This pattern is common in asia.
  6. let me guess. you're on accutane right now? good luck on your course.
  7. IVMI IVMI IVMI IVMI IVMI IVMI IVMI IVMI IVMI IVMI IVMI...... No one is ignoring you. NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO ANSWER! We are all suffering and NO ONE has any answers. If they did, they are lying. No one can help you but time and persistence...sad but true. good luck ivmi!
  8. assuming you don't have ed, no it won't affect your descendants. : )
  9. You pmed me to hear my story: it's simple. I took accutane. Now I have horrible bouts of fatigue, super thin skin with a bunch of rashes, and mild hairloss. My concentration is horrible. I go to medical school. Imagine life for me...it's unlivable. But I live on. Maybe accutane caused your issues. Maybe it didn't. In either situation, find a way to feel better! I wish I could go back in time and choose not to take Accutane. I understand what it feels like to have acne. When it was at
  10. if you think you're alone...you're not. welcome aboard.
  11. This situation is difficult. At 12, he's developing emotionally. That's what I'm worried about. If he loses confidence now, the future will be an uphill battle. Acne has a way of destroying one's confidence. As I face many difficult obstacles in my 20s, I still draw upon the confidence I developed in my teens. Then again, acne is an issue; height is also an issue. But I'll tell you now. Who knows whether height will be affected by accutane intake? no one knows. not your derm. not the dug
  12. I'm not sure if I see your logic. Yes, Isotretinoin is in the human body in small amounts. The reason is that the conversion of vitamin a to accutane is tightly regulated--and for good reason. When you bypass all the system's regulatory system, you can imagine what happens: you are asking for trouble. The body doesn't know how to deal with large amounts of an endogenous chemical that is usually found in minute quantities. And it's obvious that accutane is probably out of our systems. But t
  13. you have my sympathies, OP. dont' even bother explaining to people like jacobden. unless he suffers, he won't understand. i never thought i'd get side effects. but i did. i wish you the best!
  14. I have tried most of them. I've talked to many accutane sufferers. I've read all the post-accutane side effects threads. supplements don't help, just buy time while you look for new solutions. accutane tilted you in direction opposite to what supplements are trying to achieve. for example, zinc? good for acne sufferers. bad for accutane sufferers, because it mobilizes vitamin a from the liver. fish oil? good for acne sufferers. bad for accutane sufferers, because it binds to the same
  15. i'll tell you straight. none of those will work for any of your symptoms. They may worsen them though.