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  1. Im on a vacation but I just wanted to let you know that Bare Essentials is a no no. It has an ingredient. I forgot what its called but it is very comedogenic.

    1. any light colored or skin colored eye shadow, usually in a matte finish will be good for a base you can put your foundation or powder foundation under that if you feel like it.
    2. Which is best? I know there are many topics about this already but I am really tired and dont feel like looking through all of them. I am getting tired of using my other make up I feel like that although I get good coverage with it, its putting chemicals into my skin that arent necessary. What mineral makeup do you use and does it help at all in clearing up your skin? Does anyone use organic or natural based makeup foundation?
    3. http://www.skinema.com/Skinnies2006DermDuo.html http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlfeed.ns...list_26_01_2006
    4. he's pretty good looking. brad pitt has really bad acne scars. he just wears makeup to cover it up.
    5. Thnks for your reply! I thought the same thing you did, the reddness is less pronounce. So like I said I am going to continue this process and see how it goes. I hope your results continue and that it works out well.
    6. Hi all, For the past 2 weeks I have been using Vitamin E oil on my facial acne and some acne scars on my back, and have noticed some difference in the scars themselves. I do not think they are fading THAT fast, but the texture of the scars seems alittle plumper and less damaged looking. I am going to continue using the E Oil until this bottle is done. Has anyone used Vitamin E Oil for acne scars, stretch marks, or surgery scars? What were your results?
    7. i agree. i have been doing this regime in combo with the b5 for 6 months and have had amazing results. please try this!!!
    8. use eyeshadow shimmer. thats the best. but if you have acne or acne scars you shouldnt use ANY shimmer on those areas since it will make it look worse.
    9. definitely try vitamins since you want to get pregnant and they are obviously safer than drugs. i have been using b5 vitamins, i have been taking that since july and my face is about 95% clear. it really is a lifesaver. aloe vera gel for the face is very useful as well since it calms down the heat from the acne that can be experienced. i think i feel worse about your husband saying that to you. i dont want to be rude but he should be more concerned about constructively helping you to get over
    10. just the other day i had foundation on but no eye makeup, and i literally had like 3 people ask me if i felt okay. just because i dont have make up on doesnt mean i feel like crap! i may not be good looking without some eye makeup on. how stupid :\ anyway it made me feel really bad. what a waste of day
    11. this really works. ive been doing this regime for about 4 months now and my face is SOOOO much better. this in conjunction with b5 (2 grms daily), i have about 1 pimple on my face, as opposed to like 10 or more before, and the red marks have also significantly reduced in color. my skin is actually smooth now.