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  1. hi lion queen -- sorry to hear you are having dryness problems! let us know how it goes with the BHA if you try it. i switched from the vivant mandelic 15% sample to a bottle of the GOW non-alcohol mandelic...i'm not seeing the improvement i saw with the vivant, which was FAST, but don't have the insane dryness and peeling, either. i'm a week into it and am just getting a little bit of peeling on my chin -- and i'm putting it all over my face, not just on the t-zone. i will keep you guys poste
  2. i just bought the scar erase at target today. i'm going to try it starting tomorrow!
  3. dr. gerrish's office quoted me twice what dr. weiss's office did (in baltimore). and drs. weiss (husband and wife and associates) are pretty well known as well. i think their office is called maryland skin and laser, or something. but you can search for them on the fraxel site.
  4. people have been talking about a product called acne free scar erase on another board on the scar forum. though some say it has broken them out a little.
  5. conscientious, have you thought about other methods of controlling acne besides accutane? (diet, topicals, acupuncture, etc.?). it seems to me that if you want to get pregnant soon and can't take birth control pills to do so, then accutane is not the answer for you. (plus, there is no 100% guarantee that it will clear you up, and the side effects are horrendously uncomfortable). i am terribly uncomfortable about IUDs. granted this was in the early 1970s, but my mother got pregnant with me while
  6. how many days have you had this now? is it looking any better than when it first got hard/cracked? is your back as bad as your chest? i find that the skin on my chest is much more sensitive than my face is, even. you've stopped using products for now, right? i'd suggest definitely not using the H&S on your chest anymore, not even as a wash. your chest area looks really clear anyhow. hope you are feeling better!
  7. lauz -- congrats on having so much success. i have as well with the head and shoulders. after i'm all clear i'm going to try the 'acne free scar erase' that people have been talking about on another board here to see if it gets rid of brown/red spots. when i was 14 i had also had acne (well, folliculitis it turns out!) on my back for 4 or 5 years, and i'm 32 now and only just found out about this head and shoulders method!! i'm so happy for you that you are already tackling the problem. since y
  8. i've had that -- they might be clogged pores that are not erupting into cysts. it also might be a combination of that with scarring? the scars on my back are white. i think they call those types of scars 'atrophic macules', but i'm not sure. my chest also scarred like that -- that it looks like tiny white bumps.
  9. hi -- usually after a treatment like that the plumping you see after scarring goes down. can you come back post how your scarring looks after about two weeks? (sometimes more). for myself, anytime i've had a succession of treatments like microdermabrasion or cool touch done, my skin has looked really good while getting the treatments and for a few months after, but then it goes back to how it was. if you have pics to post of before/after that would be helpful for people to see. best of luck a
  10. i think i've figured out that the vivant 15% is way too drying for me. i'm going to purchase the non-alcohol version from garden of wisom when my sample runs out. i took a whole two days off from the vivant (applying LOADS of moisturizer instead), and have still been peeling! in a way it's good, because all that dead skin needs to go, but it did look really yucky to peel so much.
  11. i did a diet very similar to this about 5 years ago, called the 'body ecology diet' (there's a book that you can get at whole foods that details it). i did it for about 9 months straight and then off and on over the past several years have been trying it. it definitely works for clearing up skin problems. this type of diet is definitely something that you have to do hard-core, no cheating whatsoever. it's hard to get past that stage when you feel crappy because all the yeast in your system is
  12. definitely keep us posted! and let us know what you are mixing it with...
  13. it might be from head and shoulders combined with other products. were you leaving the head and shoulders on long? when i started the H&S, i was leaving it on either all day or night, and on my back i noticed that it would make me really flaky, plus up near my neck where the skin is less thick, i was getting a bit red/scaly. when i stopped leaving the H&S on for a while and just washed with it, the problem went away. also, one time after starting H&S i used a 3% AHA wash instead that
  14. i definitely think accutane is not the answer. i'm 32 and still have acne issues (though not big cysts as you mention). 2 courses of accutane as a teen made my skin really susceptible to scarring after being off the accutane -- this is a common side effect for many accutane users, if your skin doesn't clear up or if your acne comes back at all. my skin never scarred before using accutane. if you're in your 20s or 30s or higher and are still suffering from acne, you may want to look at the caus