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  1. Super for pigmentation scars

    After hearing about this through a makeup artist and aesthetician on youtube I thought I would give it a go, it's super quick (leave on for 3 mintues) and easy and leaves my skin gorgeously soft. After the first treatment I could see my scars had reduced in colour and size and my pores seemed to look better too. It's not the cheapest, but I think it would last a fair while as it is more of a once a week/fortnightly type of product and you don't use a huge amount for each treatment. It smells lus
  2. Buying the acne.org regimen didn't seem to be an option in Indonesia (taxes, postage...actually turning up) I set to finding a local alternative. A cream called Benzolac, containing Benzoyl peroxide 5% and Clindamycin phosphate 1.2%. Couldn't be happier with the results!
  3. Fresh

    Started using a BP cream and found a specially formulated acne foam wash was just drying my skin too much, dug this out of my cupboard after abandoning it thinking I needed something stronger. My skin doesn't feel tight after using it, just fresh. Would recommend to use with a BP cream.
  4. Might not be exactly what your after but I'm in Indonesia, and have been for the past year as well as Malaysia at times. Can I help?