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  1. Got a better picture...something more clear? Kinda hard to see...
  2. I wouldn't advise doing traditional dermabrasion to yourself. It's extremely invasive and is usually done over a large surface area. The risk of infection is to high...especially using sand paper. I don't think dermabrasion is very expensive; it would be best to have a professional do it. Micro-needling, however, can be done at home as long as you're extremely clean...many people have done it.
  3. Good to hear you're getting some good results. Subcision is one of the most effective/inexpensive treatments for acne scars IMO. Good luck with the co2!
  4. There's always a possibility of making things worse. There's are always risks involved when treating scars. With tca cross, the main thing is to not get any of the tca on the surrounding skin. It has to be placed on the depressed scar tissue only and not touch any of the surrounding skin. This invokes an inflammatory/ healing response and removes scar tissue. The idea is to cause an injury and hope that it will heal back better than it was before. It is risky...you just have to research it and d
  5. TCA Cross for the ice picks, dermarolling and tca peel for the pores.
  6. The picture is really blurry. It looks like you have a combination of ice-pick, rolling and possibly box car scars. The best approach is to do several different forms of treatment. Subcision/suction, dermarolling and strong chemical peels have been helping me.
  7. Subcision post op can be painful and yes, there is often bruising and swelling. It really depends on who does it, what kind of needle they use, what method they use and how the individual personally responds to it. It is definitely, in my opinion, one of the most effective treatments for rolling, depressed acne scars. Post op care may include application of ice and use of anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling, and use of antibiotics to reduce risk of infection. Also, look into the subcision/sucti
  8. It's hard to help without seeing pictures. I don't think there's much to worry about in this group. We're all just looking for help and giving it when able. My suggestion for a box car scar on the nose would be to do a spot treatment with a powerful acid like tca. Look into TCA Cross and/or needling.