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  1. DAY 67 Been busy with work so I havent been able to update much. Got one new pimple on my forhead, nothing to bad but still annoying. Prior to this I hadnt had a pimple in 2 weeks. My red marks continue to be my problem. They are so frustating and in my opinion are just as bad as having a pimple. The fight continues
  2. Hey tinman, thanks for stopping by my log. I stopped using moisturizer at night as well and lessened the amount of moiusturizer in the morning as well and think that it is helping me a lot more. Before my face was overly greasy from to much moisturizer and I think lessening moisturizer is something other people might want to give a shot good luck
  3. Day 48 A new one popped up on near my chin on my jawline last night. I had to pop it this morning because the head on it was huge but now its healing quite nicely and will probably be gone by the tommorrow morning. Other than that the one on my left jawline and forehead are getting smaller everyday but their really not that bad and are not red, more like a really light pink so its not really bothering me to much to look at. My face is doing pretty good other than the red marks still so I'm f
  4. Day 47 Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been on vacation for the last week and didnt have internet where I was. I was running out of dans BP before I left for vacation and didnt get to order any before I left so I had to buy some on the spot to use for the week. I didnt like it at all compared to Dans cream, it felt to thin and rubbed into the skin very quickly. Im hoping the change in BP wont break me out. I wasnt the best with sticking with the regimen in the morning but did it ever
  5. Day 36 Nothing new today. The red marks on my forehead look good today which makes me wonder if the neosporin is really starting to kick in or im just having a good day. We'll have to wait and see. Other than that the two bad ones i had on my cheek are flat now, just left pretty bad red marks which are going to take a while to go away. Not to happy about that. I have noticed that one the rare occassion a new whitehead pops up it completely disappears in 2-3 days with no marks or anything w
  6. Day 35 No new zits today. I actualy think my face is getting better, the two on my cheeks are still shrinking to almost completely flat. The one i got yesterday on my lip is coming to a head but its hardly noticable becuase i didnt shave today. Other than that the neosporin is really helping on the red marks i've been testing it on. And I also slightly changed my reg to not use the moisturizer at night and do just purpose bar -> BP -> neopsorin in the evenings. Lets hope this goes w
  7. Day 34 I woke up today with a new whitehead forming above my lip. This should go away fairly soon. The dark colored pimples on my cheek have retruned to normal color. One actually seems to have faded a bit. Other than that I'm dealing with mainly red marks and the two bumps on my cheeks which are flattening out. Starting to worry about the CSR and its effectiveness at this point. Maybe I expected better results or am just going through a late IB but for the first 3 weeks I had no new pimpl
  8. Im going into week two of spot treating on spot on my forehead and one spot on my cheek with neosporin and so far its working good. I put a little on after I moisturize and rub it in good. I usually do it after work and before bed and so far the results seem pretty good and I haven't broken out in the spots I've been testing it. Seems to work best on scars from acne that was to severe though, just run of the mill whiteheads is what it seems to be getting rid of for me.
  9. Missed a few days because of a busy weekend but I'll try to update as well as I can Day 31 Me and my 3 roommates had a huge party at our house. My face was still the same, marks on my forehead that the neosporin seems to be helping, and some red marks and two zits that are going away on my cheeks that were pretty bad. I did not do the CSR at night because I was far to intoxicated and just wanted to go to bed. Bad I know but there are exceptions I guess. Day 32 What a way to start my log.
  10. Well I'm a 24 year old college graduate and I work as a graphic and web designer full time. I used to have completely clear skin until I was about 18. This was right when I went to college and had never had a pimple in my life. About a month after college I broke out unbelievably with acne everywhere. I had no idea what to do so I went to a walk in clinic and got, if I remember correctly, clindamyacin. I used that faithfully and it had no effect. Over the years I have tried almost everythi
  11. Yea man its totally a pilonidal abcess /cyst, its an ingrown hair on the the tailbone. Get it taken care of ASAP, my buddy had the cyst type and it got to the size of half a baseball and leaked pus that I could smell from across the room. You have to get a quick in patient operation done to drain it and pop the stuff inside it. The longer you wait the more its going to hurt.
  12. No its the regular version and not the $50 one. About $700 to buy it. If you really want I'll edit some pics for you, I can take out the acne but I cant do nose / boob jobs and things like that. Skin blemishes are no prob though.
  13. You need some 20's on that! Yeah good idea, i also have an old Xplode system for it but the 20in sub weighed it down too much. dude, it needs spinners, get with it! I drive a 1999 bmw 528i. Awesome car but it SUCKS in the snow SPINNERS. Shit, why didnt i think of that. Im also thinking of installing a bell and some cool stickers. That thing is pretty boss though I would totally rip that thing around town.