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  1. My experience is that relatively new red marks are the most vivid and then gradually fade over time. Red marks that have been there for ages as a result accutane then its just a waiting game and trying various things out. Hope this helps.
  2. Accutane is a prescription only medication and so is only available through a dermatologist and basically contains super-high concentrations of Vitamin A. It is also v.expensive. In my own experience it does clear up acne but it doesn't stop the odd spot, which everyone gets now and again. It is the last option really after trying everything else available. It definitely doesn't make your skin worse but seems to make marks left from previous outbreaks return and they take alot of time to clear,
  3. 1rich


    Hi, i think there is a good chance they will fill in. I believe there are products which promote collagen which in turn will plump up the skin. I know vitamin C achieves this but results occur over months of continuous use of fairly large doses. Anyone who can recommend any products?
  4. White/fair skinned people tend to develop red marks and darker toned skin tends to develop brown marks. BUT.. i have developed some brown marks from the red marks although these are also now fading. I've been acne free for over a year and a half and its a slow process but improvements are being made. Given time all hyperpigmentation will fade.
  5. Do you have indented marks with discolouration or just red/brown marks on the surface? I believe that once all active acne has cleared up then red marks too can be attacked. To answer your question, all dermatologist's tend to agree (my experience) that red marks fade with time. And with the research i have done brown marks also fade with time. Hope this helps.
  6. I would say a combination of acne and red marks. Firstly you need to eliminate the acne and then you can work on the red marks, otherwise its a vicious cycle (one thing at a time). Your skin appears very oily so you must combat that first. I don't think its to bad at all though because your marks are pretty scattered. I think the marks hang around for a while when they are pretty dense over a smaller area.
  7. Just a quick question, does Retin A do the same task as benzoyl peroxide?
  8. Wow.. that's a long time!! Are they just red marks or are they scar tissue? From all the research i've done and on these boards everyone tends to agree that they fade. I mean you just don't see people with red marks in there late 20's, 30's. Obviously there are always exceptions, just generalising and being positive!
  9. I've had red marks for approx 20 months and i think brown marks for around the same. How can you tell the difference between freckles, moles (flat) and brown marks from acne??
  10. Thanks for the reply. Your right accutane worked for me.. but that was 20 odd months ago. My marks still remain!! Do you think one day they will sort themselves out??
  11. I've been doing a glycolic acid peel for three weeks now as well as taking 3000mg a day of Vitamin C. Areas on my cheeks appear to be patchy with redness and my natural skin tone (light honey shade). Does anyone know if this is a sign of improvement? Also does anyone know if brown marks fade over time or do they need to be treated with hydroquinone or something, and is the bleaching/change permanent? Cheers
  12. I've just been wondering why red marks are left? What happens to the skin to make the buggers last for years?? Any info would be great.
  13. I was on RoAccutane 20 months ago. Basically its magic stuff in clearing up acne, BUT i still have red marks although fading v.slowly. I believe healing is severely slowed down. The strange part is red marks are only remaining the my cheeks (for myself anyway).
  14. I've been taking vitamin C for 3 weeks now and its definitely helping. I've been taking dosages of around 3000mg a day sometimes slightly more. I've also been using 30% strength glycolic acid. The combination seems to be working well. By taking in tablet form as opposed to topical lotion there is also less chance of it irritating the skin. People are always saying to do this or not do that but no one actually knows for sure what will improve red marks. My advice is go with something and stick