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  1. I can't see how smoothbeam would help regenerate your skin.
  2. Good to hear!!! I'm at 2 weeks, I use it 2x a day now. My skin tone looks a ton better, but I'm fighting a few small break outs.. probably hormonal
  3. Thanks. I have actually tried Green Cream and I was not impressed - it wasn't strong enough for me.
  4. So far, so good. It's been a little over a week. My skin tone is evened out and looks like it belongs to me again. I still have some red marks that will eventually fade over time, but I've only had a few small new break outs since I started. I don't think they are connected to the azelex. I use it twice a day, even though perhaps I would probably keep more breakouts at bay with a azelex + duac combo. But I will be sticking to it, and I think anyone who isn't seeing "immediate" results
  5. Look, Adam is just a superb salesman. But Finacea is not a miracle product. It will take some time to see results. Slightly more than a week is not enough time to say if something works or not. Give it 4 weeks before giving it the boot
  6. Honestly, you've answered this for yourself. You keep going off something works for you. Stick with it to see results. It is a topical antibiotic, so it will eventually stop working as well.
  7. I've been using another form, Azelex, and so far I'm neutral. I think my redness is reducing, but slowly. I know you can use it with other topicals, so you may want to use Skinoren in the morning and another topical in the evenings. Also, I believe azeleic acid is best for very mild acne and hasn't been proven as effective for moderate and severe
  8. Isn't Klaron a topical antibiotic? That is why it lost efficency overtime. Azelic acid is not an antibiotic
  9. skinb5 posts a lot on this website from employees trying to make a buck - that alone makes me not want to go to them - you can get b5 from ANY STORE and it will work skinb5 posts a lot on this website from employees trying to make a buck - that alone makes me not want to go to them - you can get b5 from ANY STORE and it will work
  10. My doctor actually gave me Azelex (like Finacea but specifically for acne). I was instructed to take some time off between the Retin A and the Azelex. I went about 2 days without using anything and then used some Azelex last night only on the parts of my face that are peeling like crazy. My derm actually suggested it before I even brought up that I was interested in a product like Finacea. Retin A Micro has proven way to harsh for me - if I use it every other night, it gets better, but the
  11. My skin is tomato red and peeling like crazy. Despite using thick creams to moisturize, it's horribly dry. My derm recommended a few days off, but wasn't very specific. Any one have any experience with this/recommendations? I'm on day 2 off, and my skin is still extremely tight and molting off. I was thinking of giving it a third night off, but at this point, am I doing more harm than good? THANK YOU, I really appreciate any insight
  12. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and mine was $40
  13. anything gentle and mild: purpose, cetaphil, aveeno, dan's cleanser...