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  1. Hej hej såg den där dumma tv shop reklamen för proactiv och kollade på tv-shops hemsida på innehållsförteckningen på produkterna. Jag har nämligen beställt detta paket från USA tidigare och tyckte det va ganska bra. Men när jag jämförde innehållet så stämde det inte. På dem amerikanska sajten har dom benzoyl peroxid 2.5% som aktiv ingrediens och alkoholfri toner. Och på tv-shops hemsida står det att det är salicylsyra som är
  2. Hey! Do any of you have some "recipies" for face masks you can do yourself with stuff you've got at home?
  3. I drink it too, It doesn't taste that good, but you get kinda used to it. It's also good if you're on a diet, cause it makes you feel less hungry.
  4. I need something to fade my pink scars (red marks) on cheeks and chin. Any of you got some suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Hey! I've been thinking of getting a treatment with Clear Light. it's some sort of special light (special wavelenght) that they shine on your face. I'm wondering if anyone here has herd of this or maybe even tried it? I wanna know if it works so I know if I should do it.
  6. My acne is starting to clear up thanks to BP treatment, but my skin is not clear because of that. I have scars. But it's not holes and bumps. It's pink scar tissue. And the skin is not hard. (I't like pink dots) I also have some brown dots that sort of look like marks you can get from being in the sun too much. Does anyone have any advice on products i can use to get rid of these marks. Anything that can sort of fade away the spots/scars.
  7. Has anyone of you benn to the proactiv solution website www.proactiv.com at their main site they have pictures of celebrities that use proactiv. and they have a picture of britney but there are no comment from her as there is from the other celebrities.. Isn't that really bad...like false advertisement. have you guys seen this?
  8. Anyone in sweden that know of wehere i can buy great acne treatments?
  9. Anyone here from Sweden? I want to know if anyone know where I can buy BP in Sweden. Or if there's any other good products.
  10. Does anyone have "before and after" pictures so we can see the differences from people treatments have really worked for.
  11. does anyone know if proactiv works on scars too?
  12. Hey! Anyone used proactiv solution? Do you think it's good or do you recommend any other brands? thanks!
  13. It's called i.d. makeup and it's made out of minerals and it's totally amazing. The foundation is a powder that you brush on your skin and it covers everything, and makes your skin look amazing. And it doesn't clog your pores at all. In fact, they say you can even sleep with it on (I don't know =) And it's great even on dry and flaky skin (like mine get sometimes, because of the acne). I really really recommend this to you all 'cause I just love it!