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    Well i just wanted to add, that today, I'm knocking off 2x doryx- to once a day doryx only. O gosh, I hope this doesn't affect anything Stay away acne, stay away.
  2. iheartny


    ^^Hey....yes i agree matchbox....I've been on a non-comedogenic, no-oil, non-irritating Eucerin Moisturizer ever since my FIRST day on the regimen.......I use it two times a day and It actually helps my skin..So.
  3. iheartny


    gosh i'm so happy...i feel like i did (except happier) when i was in 8th grade- i would get the tiniest of bumps and they would subside in a matter of a few days, but even now, these pimples are MINISCULE......i looked at my face in the mirror (o yeah, i've become vain) and nothing, absolutely nothing. I think I can start cutting my doryx dose to 1nce a day to increase the amount of time it will be effective...
  4. iheartny


    ^^ haha thanx---yeah when I first started out on the taz, i wasn't flaky so much as totally itchy on my forehead, cheeks...I was itching or rubbing like crazy with a tissue.....but then i just added moisturizer at night and that helped a ton! Wow you've got a lot of "ingredients" in your regimen.....fishoil?
  5. iheartny


    Well I just wanted to say that my skin is clear- and I've probably been clear for about a week or so (Except for the occasional pimple, of which heals very quickly- a day at the most)............. So the combo of::::: Duac/Tazorac/Doryx/Cetaphil/Green-Tinted Moisturizer has obviously been doing the trick for me. Let's see: started this regimen August 4...it's been about what 2-2.5 months? Wow, time has passed by so quickly. Some words of advice: stick with your regimen, because for me, I went
  6. Hey I have been using Taz .1% too for about 5 weeks now and I didn't really have the itchiness but now, like last night, I woke up in the middle of the night, or the early morning and my whole upper face itched soo bad!!! My forehead, my cheeks, the eye area----OMG...I was like rubbing my face w/ a tissue paper after I felt guilty about using my fingernails to scratch my forehead.... :doh: And the itchiness for me doesn't occur 30 minutes afterward, it occurs like hours afterward- like 5-6 hour
  7. Yeah me too I'm a senior in HS right now---> I started about 3 weeks ago at the end of August......my first day wasn't anything special but I can't complain about my schedule......I had to play some trix to get it how I wanted with no 0 Per class and no 7th per class......Some days my skin is better than other days, that's all I have to say.
  8. ^Same here....I used it religiously. But I was pretty clear. May I add 'Ms. Sweetie Pie'- using the 3-step system 2x a day didn't work any better for me- when I did use it, I would use a Lancome Cleanser (oil free) in the morning, then the toner and the lotion from Proactiv, and then in the evening, I would use the three steps + the mask..I guess I just couldn't use the cleanser 2x a day. And also, although I've gone off proactiv, I still use the mask like every single day to "spot treat" (
  9. oh i wish i could go back to those days. I had been on Proactiv for around 3 years....clear forehead, clear cheeks, clear nose....only from time to time i would get bumps....Oh How i wish...well at the beginning of summer, I started breaking out a bit more than usual so I went off it.....worse decision i've ever made in my life. Now it's completely uneffective and i'm on Doryx which is an arm in the leg to pay for, Tazorac and Duac, and my skin is peeling like heck.. sorry for the downer.
  10. You know how those optimists are always stating that everything in life has some purpose, even those annoying insects, even the smallest things in this world? Well what's the purpose of acne?? For non-atheists, why did God create the bacteria that causes acne?
  11. whoa your regimen is sorta odd to me. Especially the wash off taz after 10 min part..... Right now I'm on Doryx 100, Tazorac in the evening, and Duac BP gel in the morning. I also use moisturizer in the morning sometimes...........I don't wash anything off until the next time I wash my face with cetaphil gentle cleanser......I leave the duac on, i leave the taz on overnight. I've been on the regimen 2 weeks---this is the initial reaction phase for me. I didn't know yours lasted for 2 months-
  12. Sure, I've been using Doryx, Duac in the morn, Taz in the evening for the past 2 weeks.....my skin right now is going through the initial breakout from all these new products i've never used before....my derm predicted clear skin in 4 weeks so i have 2 weeks to go. The Duac gel i use only causes redness for me and the slightest flaking...nothing much to complain about. O, when I wash my face at night, I can always feel the gel coming off, it's like a slimely feeling.
  13. Yeah i listened to this song a lottt last yr omg. i LOVE LOOOOOOOVE this song. totally. Dance songs are really the only songs that will actually pick u up off your butt
  14. -1. My hair as well...I dont do anything to it except brush it. -2. My body (5ft 10 in.) I love being taller than most girls... 3. My weight- I can eat anything...
  15. me too, this happened to me at the post office where i was taking my passport photo....post office lights are very dim...I'm thankful that when I had to get glasses 3 yrs ago, it was swimming season and my skin wasn't that bad at the beginning of hs. I also hate department stores---and SEPHORA!! lol-----Those really really bright lights and CRYSTAL clear mirrors, mirrors everywhere in that store, everywhere you turn. I avoid going in there at all costs.
  16. a chart? Um well....I wouldn't date someone with so much acne over the skin that the acne is like a second skin...I've only met one person with this...the occassional cyst is fine just not like 5 on your face at a time, zits are fine....just not severe
  17. I feel more comfortable being out in public when i see someone with acne...draws attention away from me.
  18. my brother got his touched up and the picture that was bought had no acne, but in the yearbook picture, they didn't touch it up or anything.
  19. I'm taking them next week friday but I think i'm going to reschedule my appnt for a later date.
  20. Kristin Kreuk as you can tell from my avvy... And one of my friends thinks I look like a half-asian version of JESSICA from Laguna Beach....She's crazy for thinking this....
  21. Yeah I'm like you right now. (I'm 16 too)...Well I just think everyday I'm wasting away the good years- I'm young, have a good head of hair and no fat, I can wear those clothes you can't wear when you're older, no wrinkles, and yet the acne is still there!!!! I get out, but not alot, just to volunteer and maybe go to family gatherings. I'm friendly but not very sociable, like I wasn't born w/ that gene- even before acne, I was always the little shy girl with a few close friends. But I'm so
  22. I live in a medium/small-sized city and have never heard that before...odd, I guess it just depends who/where/when.
  23. Age: 16 Sex: female Acne status: moderate and improving Favorite thing about yourself: Personality wise- I care more about others than myself, physically speaking- my body it's fab. What would you change about yourself (other than acne): I'm not very outspoken/outgoing and I'm very very indecisive, I can't make a set decision for the life of me! Favorite movie: 28 Days Later, the Ring Favorite book: Brave New World What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): outgoing, stylish, work i
  24. At the beginning of junior year, last year, these really ghetto girls (with their fat hanging out of their too-tight jeans and shirts) would call me and my friends "anorexic bi tches" and they would say 'that girl should put some powder on'. Girls are meaner to girls, guys to guys. No boy has ever made fun of me, just the girls...