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  1. Hi, I'm Anisa and to keep a long story short, I have moderate acne scarring with a breakout on the left and right of my jawline. I usually try to conceal with light makeup but for some reason, my skin just looks so horrible today. I don't feel like I can talk to my mum about it because she suffered from adult acne and almost went on Accutane but her skin cleared completely before her consultation. But she still has scars which she could "fix" with microdermabrasion sessions. So I usually can
  2. the only reason i can think of, is because our skin needs our natural oils. i use tea tree soap from holland and barratts(uk) and people have said they found it to be over drying. why is that bad if you(i) will moisturise not long after washing ? thanks
  3. Okay, 1. Not in that way, ill be walking out from school and some girls say in the year below me that are the "popular girls" would obviously see me walking with my head down, if they're in my way and i say excuse me, they won't move unless i speak up(which is due to my inner confidence) or push past them which i can and have done. they would've moved instantly if my head was held high and all that. which if i didn't have this skin i would be doing. 2. I definitely am not "bitching" ab
  4. Hello i'm new here although i've been lurking on different posts these past few days. the topic title might not make sense so i'll explain. i'm actually a very confident person, and i yearn to keep growing, confidence and self wise. but my skin, amongst other factors, doesn't reflect that. i hide my problem area with my hair and concealer. i look down when i walk near people, which is very bad as people that don't know you can tell the kind of person you are by your body language,so pe