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  1. Hi there, I've been on roaccutane for almost 6 months now on NHS as well. It took me a long time to actually get referred to the dermatologist because I only had mild but persistent acne. I was on many antibiotics and creams prescribed by my GP for about 3 years before being refereed to the hospital. I've had a very good experience with the dermatologist I've been seeing and the process is straightforward 1. Blood test and urine test (if you are a female) on your first appointment, initial
  2. Haha OMG you have know idea how much I can relate. My bf shaves every single day cause he knows what happens with my chin if he doesn't. My skin is so sensitive and looks more red after kissing sessions. Sounds funny, but it really isn't
  3. You are welcome :). Fingers crossed you wont get IB. I've heard it's a pain and I'm very grateful for not experiencing it. My skin looks very good. Not gonna lie, it's red and I do get random rash on my chin, and around my nose cause my skin is very dry. It comes and goes. Another tip....do not use any scrubbing stuff on your face under any circumstances. I was fed up yesterday with my skin peeling off my chin and I decided to use a face scrub. Big, big, big mistake! My skin pilled off and I'm
  4. I'm due to finish my 6 months course in a few weeks. I'm happy to report that I did not experience an IB at all. My dermatologist put me on 20 mg for the first month then 40 mg, 40 mg, 50 mg, 50 mg and 50 mg. I was also taking an antibiotic called amoxicillin for the first month to prevent the breakout to happen. The only one thing I've been battling is dry skin that just keeps coming off sometimes and leaving some marks on my face. They heal quickly though when I spend extra more time moisturi
  5. Hi Elouise, I did start on 20 mg for the first month (I weight 50 kg). I'm almost done with my course and I couldn't be happier I was also put on antibiotic called amoxicillin and maybe that's why I had no IB at all, nothing! My acne was mild but persistent though. My skin started getting drier in the second week, but I got a very weird pulling sensation on my lips after a few days I started the treatment. My lips were dry within 6-7 days. Also, I only started moisturizing my face when
  6. Hi All, I posted my story here on this website over a year ago when I was at my breaking point. Thank you for reading it and all the support. I know that many people on this website can relate to everything I described here on the 17th of June 2015. I've decided to give you guys an update because a lot has changed since last year. I did start roaccutane in March this year after months of waiting for NHS appointment with the dermatologist. I'm on my 6th and last month taking 50 mg per day a
  7. Hi all, Wow I haven’t been here in a whileJ. It’s probably because I don’t remember the last time I had a spot/cyst/zit. I feel great and I’m so happy I decided to go ahead with starting roaccutane. My doctor wanted me to do a 5 month course and finish once I reach my lower cumulative dosage which is 6000 mg. I was so lucky to see a different dermatologist yesterday. She agreed on me doing an extra month on 50 mg per day which means I will reach my higher cumulative dosage of 750
  8. Hi there, Well it should be only your decision to make J. I’m currently on day 87 of Accutane/Roaccutane and I’m extremely happy with the results. Wish I had taken it earlier. I suffered from mild but persistent acne and scaring/red marks as well. Things that you should consider: Initial breakout – I was lucky and never had one but some people breakout more during first 6 weeks. Are you prepared for your skin to get worse when you’re away? Drinking – I’ve always enjoyed my
  9. Hello again, Thanks ladies for not judging meJ. I just don’t want to start the whole process shortly after I finish the treatment. I’m aware of the fact that I may need a second course sooner or later but I’d rather do it later. I will definitely speak to the doctor and ask for the extra month. We will see what she says. My acne was mild but persistent so she thinks that lower cumulative dosage should be enough. I got 90 pills 20 mg each from my friend just in case J. My plan is to reach
  10. Hello again, I hope you’re all doing OK. Just came back to London from short holidays. It was amazing and I didn’t have to worry about putting make up on my faceJ. The dryness got out of control though. My chin is peeling like crazy and my face is red but I’m not going to complain. Can’t remember the last time I had a zit/spot/cyst which is just fantastic. Had my derm appointment yesterday. My cholesterol levels decreased so she bumped me to 50 mgJ. I’m not impressed with her decision
  11. Thanks for your responses ladies. My dermatologist told me that my acne was mild to start off and if I was to get the initial breakout it would have happened already. Basically she told me to relax, stop stressing out and be grateful for belonging to a group of people not experiencing the IB. Easy for her to say. I do get like enlarged pores from time to time but they are definitely not bumps and they go away within a day or two. The marks caused by flaky/dry skin are driving me crazy though and
  12. I actually have a similar question. I’ve been on Accutane for 70 days now (1st month on 20 mg, 2nd month on 40 mg and I'll be on 40 mg in my 3rd month) All blackheads on my nose have already disappeared but I still have blackheads on my forehead left. It’s actually my fault that I got them in a first place. I used to go to the gym and I would put a black hair band to keep my hair in one place. Unfortunately it would cover a part of my forehead. How stupid I was. Anyway, they are really de
  13. Hello all J Hopefully you all had a good weekend. I’m away from Friday for a week and I can’t wait. Cristine I’m so not happy now. How come you’ll be on 80 mg and my derm doesn’t want me to be on more than 50 mg? You’re only 1.5 kg heavier than me…….the difference is so small. I’m tall as well (172 cm) so I should be prescribed higher dosageL. I think dermatologists in the UK have a different approach to Accutane. It makes me sad cause I really, really do not want to sta
  14. Hey there, First of all let me tell you something….do not believe in all the horror stories you read/watch on the Internet/YouTube about Accutane, depression it causes, initial breakout etc, etc. I was sooo scared of starting this medication. I actually cried when I came back home from my derm appointment with pills in my hand. I was terrified of getting the initial breakout and my face getting messed up. I’m 27 years old and suffered from mild but persistent acne for 7 years. I have tried
  15. Hi all, Wow it seems like I haven’t been here in ages. Sorry…..I’ve been crazy busy with work. Ladies I know how difficult it is to stop picking. Before Accutane I was picking like a crazy person. I could turn a small spot into a huge/bleeding mark. Horrible! I haven’t had an IB or any major zits since starting Accutane so I haven’t had an opportunity to pick. Well I thought I was getting a spot at the end of month 1 and I tried to pick at it but nothing came out. I think it was