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  1. I was just thinking about that. Has anyone tried to find a solution going inside out? Going to that spiritual place? cuz we sure as hell don't have the answers. God I feel for everyone here so much and i wish i could take it all away. Anyway, I know i used to be heavily fucking addicted to binge eating and I went all spiritual through a 12step program and I found my higher power always had a solution for me to the most depressing of things. That place of surrender and trust opened up answers for
  2. Just to clarify, if anyone believes I am being socially inappropriate or irrelevant: This is a thread about repairing the damage of Accutane. There are many routes to that outcome, scientific and 'mystical'. I believe the scientific method is largely the purpose of life. Science is expansion, discovery and understanding...all of the reasons we are here. However when shit gets real and pain and suffering become unbearable I would rather pull out my cheat codes (the mystical method) than have to d
  3. People you need to realize that 'reality' is just another dream cycle and your commonly appearing reality (your bed, house, car, family) is your karma that you wake up to each dream cycle (they're attachments, extensions of your body). 'Reality' is a 'false' awakening as well. You CAN use dream control in this dream cycle too, although its much more stable and difficult but its very very possible. Wake up, become lucid and you can dissolve the pain and accutane as if it were only a passing drea
  4. I know this may sound crazy, but if any of you are having trouble with pain, please look into the Jhanas in Buddhism. They actually removed all of my pain, fatigue, nausea, you name it. I'm still in shock to be honest. My psychologist (who pronounced me cured) told me by doing this I was retraining my brain, as well as my body. Heck I feel like I'm retraining reality. Its fucking amazing. If anyone would like more information, please message and I'll do my best to help in anyway.
  5. How much does sleep impact on detoxification? I mean, if we were capable of going to sleep voluntarily and we prolonged that state for a very very long time would the body detox entirely or would we need to set the stage for it first? I think I learnt a meditation technique to be able to do just that.
  6. I'm very worried about how I'm losing my ability to fully follow a thought more and more everyday. I used to be known as a great writer, now I can barely form sentences, let alone paragraphs. I'm hopeful that I will be so motivated to survive that the thoughts I do slowly form will improve my health very slowly, even perhaps miraculously. I don't want to die but everything feels impossibly difficult and I'm too unsupported. Not meaning to be negative, just need to vent. On the bright side, I hav
  7. My GP and Gastrointestinal doctor said there were no other effective alternatives when I asked. They told me that dissolving the stones involved dangerous chemicals and that they were not willing to take the risk. I don't have the energy to seek out more doctors. I might try the herbal route first, combined with malic acid and long water fasts. I'm terrified about what my future might hold as my genetics are not in my favor at all.
  8. Apparently I have gallstones. I truly believe that accutane triggered a predisposition since everyone on my dad's side has had their gallbladder removed. I eat extremely healthy, although low carb and high fat (olive and coconut oil). Everyone is telling me to get my gallbladder removed but I've lost all trust in what doctors and my parents tell me to do. Can someone please tell me bluntly whether or not it would be a wise choice to get it removed?
  9. Its annoying that you can only get Baxyl at $75 a bottle here in Australia, especially since I'll probably need to take this stuff for the rest of my life. I'll probably need to find an alternative, but I haven't heard of anyone else whose had success with another source of Hyaluronic acid (other than bone broth) who has also been on Accutane. Do any other Aussies have any experience with this?
  10. maddiegr, I've read that Baxyl has helped some with dry eyes caused by accutane.
  11. I feel the same way much of the time. I'm jobless, extremely isolated, living in a dysfunctional abusive household and not able to function at all enough to be able to get out of here. What helps me the most, apart from meditation, is being around people that absolutely cherish the things you CAN do. And if you're not able to find those people, be that person for yourself. It makes everything infinitely more worthwhile for me.
  12. I'm trying to find someone who will supervise a long fast of 30-40 days. I'm afraid of going longer than 6-10 days. I wish I could find some way to boost my energy levels temporarily, I'm having trouble staying up for even short periods of time. Drinking water and eating (organic, gluten free) is exhausting for me, but I keep at it with no real benefit. Glutamine, short fasts and changing bedrooms (allergies?) have reduced my stomach/intestine pain, my nausea, dryness and shortness of breath to
  13. Sure, use it. Why not? I'm sure she knows everything you should do. Afterall she put you on accutane to begin with.
  14. Okay cool I'll do a water fast now! How long should I fast for? Pretty much anybody can fast for up to 10 days safely. Generally speaking you should fast with distilled water until you experience the return of hunger (after your hunger ceases on the 2nd-4th day), at which stage you should break the fast and juice for 1/3 of the time in which you were fasting, then continue on eating an organic/clean 15, gluten, gmo and dairy free diet for 2/3 of the time more. Then you can repeat the process