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  1. Blimey....if there was an easy answer there wouldn't be a forum dedicated just to blackheads!! Unfortunately what works for one person doesn't for another, it is trial and error. But I would have a look through the this forum and see what others have been using and take your pick!! Not a conclusive answer - I'm sorry. I personally would try either mandelic acid - which has been getting good reports or salicylic acid, which I use, which although hasn't gotten rid of all of them I am pleased
  2. I would say that these are 'black'heads. I have clogged pores ranging from the brown ones to grey ones, slightly raised, flat on skin surface, below skin surface etc etc and I have the yellowy/browny beads or capsules that you've both described also. All one and the same - welcome to the club!! The beads are sebum which should be an oily consistency to keep our skin nice, soft and supple but with us (!) it gets stuck inside the pore, (I don't know why!!) solidifies, oxidises which gives the l
  3. Exactly - you don't know until you try. My results seem the same as yours except the improvement bit!!
  4. I didn't know which I would like and there were mixed reviews on the forum so I bought both 2% gel and 2% lotion. I didn't fancy the liquid - too messy!! I use the gel at night as it makes my face very shiny - not good for facing the world with!! I use the lotion in the mornings - still a bit shiny but not as bad. I tend to slather it on at nights and a medium amount in the mornings. I am going to use up the gel because although there's nothing wrong with it, it does the job, in future I wi
  5. I don't have bad acne just the odd pustle very so often. My problem is with blackheads anyway that's another story!! I used bio oil for red marks and to even out skin tone. I used it for about 4 months - no change in skin tone, red marks and I was breaking out and getting more and more blackheads. There is something in it (I can't remember what) that is comedogenic so I had to stop. It does work very well for some people but not for all. I can't comment with regard to CSR as I've never b
  6. Salicylic acid or mandelic acid have both had good reports with unblocking pores. There is a wealth of info on this forum, you just have to hunt around for a bit and try the various cures/treatments/procedures out!! That's the problem cos what what works for one person doesn't for another. SA works well for me but MA didn't but I know that MA does work for other people on here. Not a very conclusive answer - sorry!! Good luck with finding something that works for you.
  7. Oh it's an AHA - you said BHA in your original post. I was hoping for a stronger BHA for my nose. My skin doesn't like AHAs unfortunately But I'm not going to whinge I'm happy that I can look in the mirror and not flinch too much!
  8. No, I've found it a lot easier. The mandelic seemed to peel off skin in big dry flakes then get irritated, sore, breakout etc. whereas the PC stuff I have a softer peeling - it's difficult to describe it. In the mornings it looks like I have tiny cobwebbing or the white bits in an orange on my face and when I go to remove it by hand, it's soft peels of skin not hard flakes. It was weird at first when it first started happening but I've gotten used to it now. It's generally concentrated on my
  9. Hear hear, sorry if I was sounding negative about it. I was thinking of the worst case scenario. It is definitely the best treatment i've had in 20 years of having blackheads. I only wish I'd had it years ago then my skin wouldn't be so scarred and ice picked damaged. Never mind at least I've stopped the rot now!! Just need an anti wrinkle miracle now.
  10. Have you tried mandelic acid or salicylic acid?? They have mostly good reports with regard to blackhead removal long term.
  11. Whoops - forgot to mention about the purging. Yep it does happen and yes it's a pain. Again I can't comment on whiteheads but the blackheads I've had, some have purged, some have just kind of dissolved away (the only way I can describe it!! Gone from being black in colour to grey to browny then gone!) Some with the hard sebum plugs which have never ever budged, the tops of these plugs have softened enough to allow them to be manually extracted and then I have others, the diehards, that are st
  12. I don't have whiteheads so I can't comment from experience but I've checked out the website where I bought the stuff and this is what it says: Effectively exfoliate the skin and remarkably diminish blackheads and blemishes with this elegant, lightly moisturizing formula with 2% salicylic acid (BHA). Also contains an exceptional blend of plant oils, antioxidants, anti-irritants, and water-binding agents. Lightweight lotion formula provides hydration and keeps skin silky-soft Exfoliates the
  13. I tried bio oil for 4 months. Did nothing for my red marks/brown marks or even out skin tone. Gave me more blackheads and broke me out when I'd been clear for a while. It doesn't work for everybody. However it is worth a try cos it does seem to really work for some people just not me for me unfortunatley!!
  14. Thanks libbycopeland - I will do that...I've been on the 1% stuff for about 2 weeks without any problems and have just gone onto 2% but keeping an eye out for irritation as you said. Foomph - I have been using Paula's 1% stuff for 2 weeks. It does smart a little when you put it on for about 5 minutes. And now that I'm on the Paula's 2% stuff again it smarts a bit more but it's nothing like the stinging/burning sensation I have had with other stuff I have put on my face like the mandelic acid