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  1. It is probably the high spf moisturizer that you are using that is making you look whiter than normal. I've never heard of bleach working on skin. I know somebody who had a really bad time with hair bleach once, and their skin didn't get any lighter, they got burns along their hairline though from the bleach.

    Heck, if BP bleached skin, people who hated their freckles would be promoting it now :P

  2. I use oil of olay Complete Defense moisturizer for sensitive skin with spf 30 (woohoo). I'm a red head with fair skin, so finding SPF 30 moisturiser was a big deal :dance: It was around 11 dollars for 2.5 oz, so kinda pricy, but it seems to be working well. I use Eucerin Daily Control and Care moisturizer at night, and that is really good for dryness.

  3. I never really had much success on the regimen and the thought of having to apply the cream and avoid sun etc was too much for me!

    I have been using clinique products only to wash/scrub my face, plus moisturize and after 3-4 months my skin is miles better, might get 2-4 small pimples on my cheeks at any one time, i can live with that. Before i was getting some really large ones, touch wood these have stayed away.

    I know what you mean about 1 side of your face getting clear, your hopes are raised then you break out in the same place or somewhere else. Just stick at it, most people on here say you need to carry on for at least 3 months.

    Fingers crossed it will work for you. Have you looked into whether or not your makeup is irritating your skin?

    I have really fair skin already, so avoiding the sun and wearing sunscreen isn't too much of a problem for me :)

    My makeup may be irritating my skin, but I'm not confident enough to go out with out it. I recently ordered some mineral makeup that I plan to try. That might help

  4. Does anybody have a problem where one part of your face will finally be clear, and then suddenly another part will break out really badly :( It is so frustrating. My forehead used to break out all the time, now it is almost clear. My cheeks used to break out, now one is clear, and the other looks awful. My neck never used to break out, now the underside of the chin and neck are all broken out, and it is so hard to get decent makeup coverage on my neck. So frustrating.

    Sorry, I just had to vent a bit :(

    I finally decided to start using this regimine about 3 days ago. So far, some of the pimples look a little bit smaller, but no huge drastic change. But, on the plus side, it hasn't gotten worse :clap: